Your Admitted Student Day Checklist

admittedstudentdayYou got accepted to college! All of those long hours of visiting different colleges and universities, editing your essays, and completing applications have finally paid off! Yay! Now what? But…don’t throw away all of those flyers just yet. The Admitted Student Day is the best time to evaluate the school on your terms. Most colleges and universities will have their admitted student days in the Spring before the May 1st “Intent to Enroll” deadline, so schedule your visit early! Below are some helpful ways to take advantage of the admitted student day.

 Go to all of the information sessions

This is an opportunity for you and your parents to get all of their questions answered by current students, and hear why the school is different from others. You will also meet a lot of faculty and staff who will be a great resource for you once you’re enrolled, so get their business cards!

Wander around the campus

You will be here for the next 4 years (and possibly more if you decide to attend graduate school), so become familiar with it as much as possible. Walk into the buildings, sit in the lecture halls, eat in the dining hall, find the fitness center, lie down on a couch in the lounge. Try to imagine yourself there and figure out if it’s the “right fit” for you.

Find out about all of the support services on campus

College isn’t like high school; don’t think that you’ll get an A if you only studied the night before the exam. There’s no shame in getting help when you need it, so know where all of the tutoring centers are around campus. All of the tutoring provided on campus is usually free. Use it!

Get a list of extracurricular activities and campus organizations

Remember, you’re a student first. But, who says that you can’t have fun?! You may be surprised at the variety of campus organizations that colleges and universities offer, so find whatever interests you and create an enjoyable college experience for yourself! You’ll most likely even meet your best friends (and the future best man/maid of honor in your wedding) in the process!

Campus transportation and campus safety

There might be a night where you’re stuck in the computer lab writing a 10-page paper that you should have started a few weeks ahead of time (ahh, procrastination), and then you realize that you have no way to get back to your residence hall. You could walk, but most colleges and universities offer services that transport students from one building on campus to another during late night hours with a valid student I.D. Have their number on your speed dial! It is convenient and a good safety precaution.


 College is a big step for you and your family, so take notes during the admitted student day and review everything before you make your final decision! For more helpful ways to have an effective admitted student day, make sure to visit this website. Good luck!





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