Like it or not, the two standardized college admissions tests – the SAT and ACT – have an enormous impact on a student’s future life. The equation is simple:

High Test Score = Increased Chances of College Acceptances...period.

Even in this test-optional environment, getting a high score can set one apart from the crowd and elicit a crucial collegiate acceptance that might never have come had the score been lower or the test never taken.

So…the question is not “should I take a test?” But rather, how can I get my highest possible score?

And the answer to that question is a simple equation as well:

Masterful tutoring + Commitment + Practice + Time = Highest Possible Score.

So please don’t hesitate to reach out to us now to determine what study plan is best for you and your soon-to-be-adult.

  1. Which test is better for the student: the SAT or ACT?
  2. What test date should I sign up for?
  3. How many times should I take a test?
  4. Do I need to work with a tutor?
  5. Which is better: private sessions or classes?
  6. When should I start studying and how much studying should I do?
  7. How much will sessions or classes cost?
  8. When will I receive my test scores?
  9. What test score should I expect to get?
  10. What are the keys to getting my highest score?

Rich would love to speak with you directly to answer any and all questions you might have about college test prep; but in the meantime, feel free to look at these informational slides or view the video.

Rich Goldman, Director of Tutoring

Director of Tutoring

Rich Goldman

Rich Goldman is an Ivy League-educated (University of Pennsylvania…go Quakers!) SAT and ACT tutor who’s been teaching the strategies and methods on how to crack these tests for decades. In the past, Rich – who goes by the professional moniker “Mr. SAT” –  trained with and taught for both Kaplan and Princeton Review, and has taught everything from 1-on-1 tutoring to multi-student classes. However, after years of affiliation with those premiere companies, Rich developed his own ideas about how to best teach the tips, tricks and methods to students of ALL levels. Contrary to the methodology of numerous other entities, Rich’s tried and proven approach is to dive right into the tests, teaching the tips, tricks and methods as the students get immediate, direct and invaluable hands-on practice with each section.  Rich’s style is to engage his students through interactivity, positivity, motivation and humor, and he has the rare ability to boil down difficult concepts into easily digestible morsels.  Rich is also a happy husband and proud father of two delightful children, and he loves nature, adventure travel, scuba diving and people of all walks of life!

Alison Worland, SAT/ACT Tutor


Alison Worland

Alison (“Ali”) Worland has been tutoring SATs for years, and will stop at nothing to ensure that each and every one of her students receives a uniquely catered, highly-effective, personalized learning experience.  Ali’s passion for helping students began when she reflected upon how valuable her own tutors were to her as she navigated through her own high school education.  Central to Ali’s mission of success is to change the way her students view the SAT: rather than being a high-pressure test on which they must do well (or else!), Ali reframes the test as an exciting opportunity for them to impress colleges with what their potential is.  In addition to Ali’s personable, organized, creative, and illuminating teaching style, one of her primary aims is to develop her students’ confidence through upbeat motivation and positive reinforcement.  She keeps students on track outside of sessions with additional practice assignments and mock tests.  Ali is an athlete (think twice before challenging her to a swimming race!), former educator, big sister, and a proud University of North Carolina Tarheel!