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Why Summer Campus Visits Are Worthwhile

As summer approaches, many college-bound high school students and their parents wonder if it’s worth visiting campuses during this time when college students are on summer break. You’ve taken the time to thoroughly research colleges, so understandably, you want a worthwhile college visit. In this article, we will highlight why summer college visits hold immense value, despite the campuses being relatively empty. Join us as we explore the upside of exploring campuses amidst the tranquility of the summer months. Let’s dive in and discover why these visits are still worthwhile in your college planning process!

Embrace the Serenity: Experience the Campus Atmosphere on Your Terms

Visiting college campuses during the summer allows you to experience a different side of campus life. While the absence of bustling students may create a quieter ambiance, it provides an opportunity for you to connect with the campus environment on your own terms. You can explore at a leisurely pace, take in the natural beauty, and gain a deeper appreciation for the physical surroundings. This tranquil atmosphere allows you to envision yourself as a future student and better understand how the campus aligns with your preferences.

Personalized Attention: Maximize One-on-One Interactions

During the summer months, colleges often have more availability for individualized attention. Admissions officers, professors, and staff members are often more accessible and willing to engage in meaningful conversations. This presents a golden opportunity for you to have in-depth discussions, ask specific questions, and receive personalized insights about the college’s programs, opportunities, and support systems. Seize this chance to gather valuable information that may not be as easily accessible during the busy academic year when the pace picks up, and staff’s regular responsibilities resume. Additionally, connecting with admissions staff will help them associate a face with your name when they see your application materials come through. 

Uninterrupted Exploration: Delve into Facilities and Resources

With fewer students on campus, you have the advantage of uninterrupted exploration of college facilities and resources. Visit libraries, laboratories, athletic facilities, and other key areas of interest. Take your time to examine the state-of-the-art equipment, study spaces, and research opportunities available. By immersing yourself in these environments, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of the resources that will contribute to your academic and extracurricular experiences.

Connect with the Core: Engage with Staff and Faculty

Summer college visits often afford a greater opportunity to engage with staff and faculty members. Without the hustle and bustle of the academic year, professors may have more availability to meet with prospective students. Take advantage of this time to connect with professors in your intended field of study. Discuss your academic interests, research opportunities, and seek guidance on potential career paths. Engaging with staff and faculty during the summer can provide deeper insights into the college’s academic environment and the level of support available.

Picture Your Future: Envision Yourself on Campus

Walking through a tranquil campus can allow you to truly envision yourself as a student. With fewer distractions, you can reflect on how the campus aligns with your personal and social aspirations. Visualize yourself attending classes, participating in extracurricular activities, and forming connections with future classmates. This visualization exercise can help you gauge if the college provides an environment where you can thrive academically and socially.

Take Comprehensive Notes: Document Your Experience

During your summer college visits, make sure to take comprehensive notes and document your experience. Without the business and presence of students, it becomes easier to focus on your observations, impressions, and any questions that arise. Detailed notes will be invaluable when comparing colleges later on and making informed decisions based on your firsthand experiences. Be sure to take down any names and contact information of people you spoke to in case you have follow up questions. 

While summer college visits may take place when campuses are relatively empty, they offer unique advantages that make them highly worthwhile. Embrace the tranquility and explore the campus atmosphere on your own terms. Maximize one-on-one interactions with admissions officers, professors, and staff. Delve into facilities and resources without interruptions. Engage with staff and faculty members to gain deeper insights. Envision yourself on campus and evaluate if it aligns with your aspirations. Document your experiences through detailed notes. Happy exploring, and may your summer college visits lead you to find the perfect college match!

Please note that this article was previously published on Link for Counselors.

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