Why Do Families Hire A College Consultant?

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Some parents have the time and energy to become experts in whatever interests their child.  But most don’t.  Parents find coaches to help their kids with the sports they gain and lose interest in over the years.  They hire tutors to help with ACT and SAT test preparation.  They hire nutritionists or medical experts when their child is experiencing physical problems.  Why not hire a college consultant for the college application process?

Who is a qualified consultant?

The majority of today’s best college consultants are affiliated with Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) or Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA), the national professional associations, and follow the strict professional standards established by those groups. Most good college consultants have dedicated several years of work to know the basics of the process.  They have spent hours learning how to assess and evaluate a student’s interests, strengths and abilities so they can help them choose a major and/or career.

These consultants have spent countless nights on the road touring a variety of the 4000 colleges in the US.  They have spent time and money to take classes about all the ins and outs of the financial aid and admissions process.  College consultants are lifelong learners who are constantly reading up on the newest changes in the test prep industry and admissions process. They dive deep into a complicated process that requires good judgement, critical thinking and teaching abilities.

What is cost and ROI?

Families will likely spend $2500-5000 on a good college consultant.  The savings of time, energy and money will outweigh this cost though.  If a student finds the right match for them in terms of academic, social and financial fit and they graduate in 4 years with minimal debt, those few thousands of dollars in HS will seem like nothing.

How will my student benefit?

Even the top students only know about a handful of schools out there. A college consultant can open their mind to more schools where they can receive a top notch experience and may only pay a fraction of the cost.  They can help them turn a good essay into a great essay and make sure they are portraying themselves in the best possible light on their application. In short, a good college consultant will help a student find and articulate their desires in a meaningful way.

For any student who needs more individual attention in a process that can feel overwhelming (but should NOT be stressful), a college consultant is a great use of resources.

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