What is the Most Important Skill for Finding a Good Job?

Many people have been over-emphasizing the fact that students need special credentials and certifications to prove themselves (for example, see Jeffrey Selingo’s newest book.)  They take endless classes, get a myriad of certifications, and read informative articles to educate themselves. I think this is the wrong approach. Instead, I think we need to do a better job of articulating what we have learned.

People in the workforce today seem to be having an unusually hard time articulating their skills.  This is an extremely valuable and important skill to learn for anyone looking for a job.  College students are particularly sensitive to the idea that they must prove themselves when they are looking so that they get a good job.  It means that we need to teach people to say what they want and why they want it.  Then they need to figure out what the employer needs and how they will help that employer. That intersection of what the employer needs and what a prospective employee has to give is the sweet spot of any good hire.  Articulating the why and how are the icing!

At the end of the day, students need to be able to communicate their skills, interests, and values, without additional pieces of paper.  Their resumes should show a wide variety of work experiences and highlight their contributions to each organization where they worked.  Students need to practice talking about their experiences with others by doing mock interviews, getting good mentors, and accepting feedback from employers. The student who has good communication skills is quick to learn and shows they are a hard worker will do well in the workforce.

If you are interested in learning more about how to set yourself up for a good interview, please contact us at My College Planning Team.  We can assist you in figuring out what you want out of a job/career and how to find those experiences. Then, we will work with you to craft a resume that emphasizes your accomplishments and skills.  Finally, we can do mock interviews so you wow them during the interview process.  We have a process to do all of this and we love to help young people achieve their dreams! Click here to schedule a free consultation with our academic team.



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