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Wilda started her journey as a mentor and career in Higher Education-working with international students, becoming an Articulation Coordinator, and evaluating their credentials for school. During that time, she also decided to start her journey into graduate school, eventually leading her to obtain her Master of Arts degree in Psychology. She found a passion for being of service to others, specifically

guiding students through mentorship and helping navigate through higher education.

After leaving her first role in higher education, she worked in Admissions and as an Adjunct Faculty (Psychology, Communications, Critical Thinking, Student Success 100, and Career Management) member on-site and online. She assisted students and their family as they explored different programs of interest, educated families and students with financial aid programs, developed enriching curriculums, and provided all other logistical support needs during the admissions process. She assisted students from a broad age range-from late teens to middle-aged adult learners-ensuring full support, especially for

students who showed passion, and the need for additional motivation and guidance.

During her career, she found a need for a psychic shift in her life to help improve her mental well being and of others. She started her own organization, Soul to Soul, dedicated to assisting individuals in their journey of healing. With the support of friends and colleagues involved in therapy, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, youth advocacy, and energy healing, its development happened quite smoothly. Within this journey, she held events at local colleges, educating individuals on healing practices, and trauma. These morning and afternoon community events gave light to mental health and healing that so often stigmatizes many communities. Her passion in helping young children learn about mindfulness at an early age and coping skills to deal with stress and anxiety prompted my decision to start this organization. Furthermore, she was asked to be a guest speaker for non-profit organizations helping youth and spoke at local colleges during their wellness weeks.

The drive in helping others succeed, led her to become a Student Success Coach and Mentor students on an individual basis.

“I am here to serve the community with my experience and passion, and the belief that each person should be given the opportunity to shine.”

Master of Arts, Psychology

Student Success Coach / Certified Goal Success Life Coach – Transformation

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