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Tesha McMillon is a Higher Education professional. She has been in the education industry for more than 18 years. Currently, Tesha is the Assistant Director of Financial Aid/Default Manager for an H.B.C.U. in Raleigh, North Carolina. She is also the owner of McMillon and Associates and a financial literacy business she calls “The H.E.L.P.,” an acronym for Higher Education Literacy Provider.

Under the H.E.L.P., Tesha provides higher education literacy to federal loan borrowers related to FAFSA, student loan repayment, forgiveness, cancellation, discharge, and default. Title IV funding (student loans) is her area of expertise. She provides literacy through counseling, consulting, and advising federal loan borrowers on their student loan repayment options. Tesha specializes in student loan repayment options, forgiveness, consolidation, cancellation, discharge, and default. For new borrowers, she offers financial aid literacy and advising, which focuses primarily on FAFSA completion, the awarding of aid, grants, and scholarships. She partners and collaborates with different organizations and industries and assists their clientele with the issues surrounding their student loan indebtedness.

Her business “McMillon & Associates Consulting firm” focuses on assisting institutions of higher learning or outside stakeholders who offer products or services related to higher education. Tesha assists with innovation, performance improvement, strategy implementation, and operating efficiency on Title IV compliance and enrollment management. She offers financial aid consulting and strategy development, operational assessments, product development and testing, and assistance with default management. Her goal is to help student loan borrowers successfully repay their student loans.

Tesha has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration w/minor in Government contracts and Acquisitions and will complete her Master’s in Public Administration in December 2021, graduating from both programs’ summa cum laude. Both degrees are from Strayer University. Tesha lives in Clayton, NC, with her five-year-old son. She enjoys reading, giving back to the community, and spending time with her son in her spare time.

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