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Peter PittsPeter Pitts is a retired Admission Representative with 42 years of experience working with students and families.  Twenty-seven of the 42 years were at Monmouth College (IL) as Regional Director of Admission.  Previous positions included 10 years as a Director of Admission at colleges throughout the Midwest.  In his retirement, Peter has published a book called After Breakfast I Change Lives (available on Amazon) that talks about his passion for helping students and parents and his love of small colleges.  

Going away from home to college is, indeed, life-changing in so many ways!   Peter also has created a website ( that contains over 275 blogs that highlight unique majors at various (mostly small) colleges throughout the United States.  Peter has been a featured speaker at over 40 classrooms in the western suburbs of Chicago.  Two of his favorite topics are “Assumptions to avoid when shopping for college” and “The advantages of attending small colleges.” Peter was a first generation college student.  He grew up in Iowa, attending Mount Saint Clare (Associate Degree in Math), Wartburg College (Bachelor Degree in Sociology), and the University of Iowa (Masters Degree in Sociology).  Peter’s entire profession career has been in Higher Education/Admissions.  He and his wife live in Aurora, IL, and are proud parents of two boys and two grandsons!

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