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Marbella MorenoFrom the Westside of Chicago and a proud Chicago Public School (CPS) graduate, Marbella brings 8 years of postsecondary advising experience and perspective as a first generation Mexican-American college graduate. (YES! She is a Spanish-Speaker!)

Marbella received her B.A in Biology & Environmental Studies from the College of Saint Benedict in Minnesota. She later attended Northeastern Illinois University to receive a M.A in Higher Education with a focus in ENgaging Latina/o Communities for Education (ENLACE). 

She is currently a College and Career Coach helping 1st generation families understand the college going process. Prior to assuming this position she served as a financial aid expert with the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC). In spring of 2019 she was announced as the Chicago Public Schools’ College and Career Coach of the year. Lastly, she is one of only a selected few to serve as Master Counselors and College and Career Coaches in the city of Chicago.

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