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Garrett graduated with his B.S. in Pure and Applied Mathematics and M.S. in Mathematics from the Stevens Institute of Technology in 2022 after a combined 4 years, and has been teaching and tutoring continuously since 2017. Since then, Garrett has tutored test prep, as well as academic subjects related to Math, Physics, and Computer Science, taught chess fundamentals to packed first grade classrooms, and written for national and state-level math competitions in calculus.

Garrett’s educational philosophy is that all students deserve an education that enriches and inspires them to explore the beauty and applications of what they learn, and that the responsibility of an educator is to actively listen and design the learning experiences most conducive to this. To Garrett, teaching is a beautiful mechanism that allows educators to demonstrate their love for learning and inspire learners. Once Garrett got a first glimpse at what high-impact education could have on students, he knew that he wanted to become an educator (and an energetic, passionate one at that!)

When not tutoring, Garrett is typically playing the New York Times Spelling Bee word game, destressing with chess puzzles, and absorbing random facts about basketball.

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