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Eric began his professional career as a journalist in Lansing, Michigan, but the horrors in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 led him south to New Orleans, where he volunteered with Habitat for Humanity to help rebuild the city. That was the start of his career in education – perhaps not surprising as he comes from a long line of teachers.

As Habitat’s youngest crew chief, he led rotating teams of high school volunteers from all across the country, teaching them how to use their hands to build houses and community. Returning to Michigan, he earned a master’s in education and taught English language arts and social studies in a high-achieving high school.

In 2021, Eric joined a small, 100-student alternative school with a focus on credit recovery, social/emotional education and college and career readiness. Leading curricular development, he introduced Advanced Placement courses in art history and language and composition, making his the only alternative high school in Michigan to offer AP courses.

Eric believes that every student should feel they belong, have a voice, feel heard and empowered to think, speak and feel. His professional goal is to foster equity and inclusion in his instruction as well as rigor in the learning and practices of his students. He has presented and been a keynote speaker at regional and state conferences.

He holds a master’s in education from Oakland (Michigan) University with certificate in English language arts and social studies and also a bachelor’s in journalism from Michigan State University.

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