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Alison Worland

Alison (“Ali”) Worland has been tutoring SATs for years, and will stop at nothing to ensure that each and every one of her students receives a uniquely catered, highly-effective, personalized learning experience.  Ali’s passion for helping students began when she reflected upon how valuable her own tutors were to her as she navigated through her own high school education.  Central to Ali’s mission of success is to change the way her students view the SAT: rather than being a high-pressure test on which they must do well (or else!), Ali reframes the test as an exciting opportunity for them to impress colleges with what their potential is.  In addition to Ali’s personable, organized, creative, and illuminating teaching style, one of her primary aims is to develop her students’ confidence through upbeat motivation and positive reinforcement.  She keeps students on track outside of sessions with additional practice assignments and mock tests.  Ali is an athlete (think twice before challenging her to a swimming race!), former educator, big sister, and a proud University of North Carolina Tarheel!

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