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Celebrating Quietude

I’ve been reading Susan Cain lately.  She’s the author of "Not Leadership Material"  in the New York Times, and she’s become known as a cheerleader for quiet people, the introverts, and those who are often unnoticed. Cain says that our society has outwardly rewarded and valued those who are the opposite of quiet, the extroverts, the noisy ones, those who talk first in a group, those who are often viewed as “the leaders”. I recommend her book, Quiet: The Power of…

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A College Fair May Change Your Life

College Fair season is nearly upon us!  Don't underestimate the potential of a college fair to change the trajectory of your life!  The first one I suggest you attend is coming soon to a metropolitan area near you:  Colleges That Change Lives.  This organization is a not-for-profit consortium of colleges that was created in 1998.  Normally, you would attend a college fair to meet with and speak to representatives from some particular colleges.   That is not my advice here.…

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College Visit Smart!

College visits are critically important in deciding your college, but done poorly, a college visit can waste your time, money, and energy! As students and families embark on college visits across the country this summer, I have some advice to share on how to visit smart. To make a college visit productive, you need some tools to guide you in investigating and identifying the “right colleges” for you. Here’s what I believe makes for a successful college visit: What You…

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Take a Look at CTCL College Fairs

The College Fair That May Change Your Life It is tour time for a group that I recommend to EVERY family with a college-bound student:  Colleges That Change Lives or CTCL.  This consortium of 44 colleges tours the Chicago area every year with a presentation and a 90-minute college fair. This event is scheduled for Sunday, August 25, 2014, at:             Lincolnshire Marriott Resort, Lincolnshire, IL    12 noon                        The Westin Chicago Northwest, Itasca, IL                    5:00 p.m. Attend either…

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Decide Your College in 6 Questions

National College Decision Day is upon us! It is time to DECIDE YOUR COLLEGE!!  If you have 2 (or 3) colleges that you love from which to choose, how do you decide? Here are some questions that families need to consider: 1.   Is the money really different from one college to the next? If the scholarships and other aid from your top-choice colleges varies only somewhat, then try to keep money out of the decision, at least for the time that…

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Get More from College Admissions Fairs

Here are my tips for success as you visit local College Fairs (or College Expos) this spring and summer: 1. Arrive early so that you get a head start on the popular schools. Parking can be difficult! Allow for extra time! Admissions counselors at college fairs talk to many people in a short time, so catch the important ones early. 2. Bring with you a sheet of mailing labels (like Avery labels) on which you've printed your name, address, phone…

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