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The Best of the Best in Midwest Christian Colleges

Did you know that many of the top universities in the Midwest have Christian associations? Almost half of the top 20 ranked Midwest Regional Universities by U.S News and World Report have ties to churches. In fact three of these Christian colleges are included in the top 10 - Valparaiso University, Drury University, and University of Evansville. If you are looking for a Christian school, those three are definitely ones to consider. You can also rest easy knowing there are many Christian…

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Why I Chose a Christian College

Most children embrace the faith of their parents. Then, through the maturation process, individuals may further develop or change their inherited spiritual beliefs. I grew up in a protestant, Christian home environment. However, very early in life, I made a personal decision to fully live out the Christian faith. I remained dedicated to the faith throughout childhood, and I put significant effort into developing my spiritual life throughout high school. When time came to plan life after high school, I desired…

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