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What we offer

We’re an award-winning organization that helps families develop customized, holistic plan to make college affordable.

  • We recommend unique income, asset, borrowing and tax strategies aimed at increasing your student’s eligibility for financial aid.
  • You will work with a dedicated Client Service Manager to answer all of your questions until your student finishes college.
  • We offer flexible payment options and never let a family’s ability to pay us be a barrier to those who need assistance with their college planning.  Our comprehensive college planning programs are priced to be affordable to families at all income levels.

For more information on what package is best for you, schedule a free college planning session.


Comprehensive Financial Planning For College 

We remain available to you until your student finishes college for a one-time fee.

The service plan recommended is based on the complexity of each family's financial situation and estimated number of hours required.







Service Descriptions (Included with your one-time fee) Basic Standard Advanced
The service plan recommended is based on the complexity of each family's financial situation and estimated number of hours required.




Unlimited meetings and Q&A with your client service manager until your student finishes college
Personalized game plan addressing income, asset, tax, and borrowing strategies available to reduce your college costs
Meetings with a Financial Fiduciary to review your overall financial situation and help implement a plan to efficiently pay for college and save for retirement
Student Services meeting to assess your student’s needs, answer questions, and determine if your student could benefit from additional assistance
SAT/ACT diagnostic meeting to determine additional tutoring required to optimize merit aid
College reports estimating the amount of need-based and merit-based aid for colleges under consideration
Tips to optimize your student’s institutional scholarships to reduce college costs
Guidance provided on how to complete the FAFSA and CSS Profile, including a review of the FAFSA Submission Summary for errors.
Financial aid award letter reviews and appeals process guidance
Assistance with verification process if required by your college
Additional strategies and solutions for families with a more complex financial profile
Highly complex financial situations requiring additional hours
Consultations with your attorney and/or CPA

ExclusionsThis service plans above do not include tax planning services, legal services, or services rendered directly to students by our admissions, tutoring, and career services teams.


Families with annual incomes of less than $100,000, or who are experiencing financial stress, are encouraged to ask about our more affordable service options, including paying for services by-the-hour.



one-time fee


Budget Service Package

Not every family will need all of the services listed on the above comparison chart, nor will they require unlimited meetings with a dedicated Client Service Manager. Our budget package offers the following:

  • Six thirty-minute meetings with one of our dedicated Client Service Managers, as you need them, for any of the above services.
  • Additional meetings with one of our fiduciaries to review your overall financial situation and explore methods for reducing college costs are provided without charge. 
  • A thirty-minute student assessment meeting to determine if student services are needed by your student. Assessment meetings with the head of our tutoring team and/or our Career Counseling Team are also available without additional charge.
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