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The College Search, Application, and Selection Process

We work with students from incoming freshmen to high school seniors seeking to build a best-fit college list.  You may be a stellar student with fabulous test scores or you may have struggled in high school — we are here to help either way. Also, we work with transfer students or those looking for a gap year or other alternatives. You may choose our services a la carte or as a package.

College Major and Career Exploration

Together we will explore, understand, and articulate your strengths, aspirations, and uncertainties. We help assess your interests, aptitudes, personality, and priorities in tandem with career projections to give you direction for possible careers, majors, and colleges that fit you.

College Search

There are over 3000 colleges and universities to choose from in the U.S., and we know how confusing the selection process can be. We apply our extensive college expertise to create an exciting and balanced college list that will meet your academic goals, social/cultural preferences, and financial circumstances to determine the best options for you.

 Essays, Applications & Scholarships

There are many parts to the college application. We will help you prepare your application so that it will be noticed by the Admissions and Scholarship Committees. Authentic and well-written essays are also critical to bring out your best. We will also create a customized plan for you to stay ahead of deadlines. 

More details regarding our Student Service Options can be found here.

“Our MCPT Admission Coach has been very helpful in the decision process for the universities we were considering. We knew that the process of choosing a college or university for our daughter would be challenging. She provided us insight into schools we really hadn’t given a second thought to. She helped us really hone in on what our daughter would find as the best fit for her. We look forward to using her again with our son in another year.”

– Bill F. –
Bartlett, IL 

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