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We want to help you find the best-fit college for your child at the lowest possible price for you. If you have questions or would like to schedule a free consultation, please fill out the form below and our team will be in touch with you within 2 business days. We can meet with you via phone, video conference or in person at our Naperville office, where we adhere to strict social distancing guidelines.

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Educational Consultants
1001 Ogden Ave.
Suite 204
Downers Grove, IL

Financial Consultants
1717 North Naper Blvd
Suite 200
Naperville, IL


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Many adults get into jobs and end up thinking, “This is not what I thought my career would be.”

If this resonates with you, investing in career coaching can…

  • Increase your job satisfaction
  • Boost your earning potential
  • Improve your ability to help your child pay for college

Our partner, Ray Giese, CFP®, of Career and Financial Pathways, utilizes the Highlands Ability Battery and The Whole Person Model to help you
discover what you do best — naturally — and guide you to a higher earnings trajectory.

Not sure if career coaching is right for you? Take this self-assessment.

Our mission is to help you find the best-fit college at the lowest possible price. In order to do that, we’ve partnered with companies that we truly believe will help students and families. We may receive compensation for some of the products or services on this page, but trust that we have our clients’ best interests in mind.
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