At MCPT, our mission is to ensure every student and family finds their ideal college match at the most affordable price. We are dedicated to optimizing your finances to maximize need-based aid and boosting test scores for increased merit aid opportunities. To further support families in saving on college costs, we highly recommend the following essential resources. Explore these curated books to guide you through the college preparation process more effectively and economically.

Freshman Year for Free

Unlock the opportunity to start college ahead of the curve and at no cost! The Freshman Year for Free program, brought to you by the nonprofit Modern States Education Alliance, empowers students to earn free college credits before ever stepping onto campus. Here’s how you can take advantage of this incredible program:

Enroll in Free Courses

Join free online courses offered by Modern States, designed and taught by professors from renowned colleges and universities.

Take Exams

Take CLEP Exams for Free

After completing each course, you'll receive a voucher to take the corresponding exam at no charge.

Earn college credits

Earn College Credits

Send your CLEP scores to your college or university. With more than 2900 institutions accepting CLEP credits, you're on your way to a lighter course load and significant savings.

Dive deeper and discover more about the Freshman For Free program through our exclusive interview with the executive director of Modern States.