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Make Social Media Work for You!


There are many tips and articles on what you should not post on social media and the Internet, but let’s consider some ways that social media can be used in a positive way.


LinkedIn is not only for your parents. This social media tool is an excellent way for you to promote yourself. More and more students are using this site to share their work experience, their successes and resources as well as finding a job. Start connecting with people you know through school, college visits and even your parents. You never know – one of those connections could lead to an internship or might be a college admissions resource.

What is appropriate to share on LinkedIn?

  • Your work history
  • Your school awards and recognitions
  • Community service projects that you have completed
  • Leadership positions at school, your job, or place of worship

Remember to include if you are team co-captain or group leader and also share some details about your experiences and how you succeeded. And, don’t be shy – endorse your friends and ask them to endorse you for a particular skill


Have you mastered a skill? Do you have information to share? Are you applying to a music program and want to showcase your vocal range or your percussion skills?

Create a short video to demonstrate your skill or show off your talents. Give some thought to this project and plan it out. First impressions make a difference. Planning and practicing before going “live” will result is a higher quality video.

Check out this YouTube video that offers tips on how to make an awesome video.


Twitter can be used to share a good article or to tweet a powerful message. Tweets can be attention grabbers, just be sure to use common sense and share tweets that inspire or educate. You also are able to follow others whose Twitter that you admire and comment on what they post.

The Bottom Line

Social media requires more than posts of other posts, such as quotes and pictures. Engage others by sharing about yourself. Create a custom banner of your LinkedIn page and make sure to upload a nice photo of you that portrays you appropriately. Play the piano? Have your friend photograph you at the piano before you leave for a recital when you are dressed nicely. The same goes for Facebook. What you post speaks volumes about who you are when no one is looking.

One last word, in order for social media to work for you do not post inappropriate content whether it is a photo, video clip or tweet, because it can have a negative effect on you. Do not allow your friends to tag you without your OK. Yes, college admissions officers really do look at your media pages!

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