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Leverage Your Unemployment for Appeals in Financial Aid

If you were unemployed anytime during the three years preceding your base year, that period of unemployment can be leveraged to get you additional financial aid–if you appeal for professional judgment. The additional aid can help you get through some difficult financial times. You need education financial aid for unemployed.

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Take Action Fast

If you want that additional financial aid it’s important that you act immediately after receiving your award letters.  Many colleges will have limited aid left to give out, simply because most of it will be used up by the time their admissions letters are sent.

Don’t Miss Other Opportunities to Appeal for Additional Financial Aid

Before you send out your letter of appeal, you will also need to look at other special circumstances that were not shown on your — i.e an increase in child care expenses, changes in the number of dependents in your household, moving to a new home, a pending divorce, or care for an elderly parent.  All of these special circumstances can mean more financial aid.

Getting a New Job Is Always the First Priority

While the appeals process is handled by our academic team, my first priority is to help my clients get a new job and to keep their retirement funds intact.

According to a recent article in Forbes, if you are unemployed, hiring a professional resume writer should be on the top of your list.  Though the article says this can be expensive, you can also get it done for little or no cost.

Finally, when you are unemployed it’s critical to do a cash flow analysis.  This will usually require a change in your lifestyle—at least until you resume work.

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