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Meet Juno Student Loans (Formerly LeverEdge)

Finally, you’ve selected the right college to pursue your undergraduate or postgraduate degree! You worked tirelessly to get your application approved to secure a seat in your dream college and everything seems to be going perfectly.

But now, another hurdle lays ahead of you – paying your own tuition and student loans.

The student community often feels dejected because they have no say over the interest rates, which they will be paying for a considerable part of their lives.

What if we told you that there’s a solution for you? Better yet, did you know that banks will compete for you to choose them for your loan?

Juno Student Loans (formerly LeverEdge) has the answer, and here I’ll provide an in-depth guide to Juno Student Loans and explain why My College Planning Team has joined forces with them to solve the high-interest student loan problem for students.

Meet Juno Student Loans

The United States alone has $1.75 trillion dollars in student loan debt, a burden that 46 million Americans hold. Before the moratorium issued by the White House, the average monthly payment was $300 toward student loan debt.

The student loan problem is a giant one and solving it will help improve the future and lives of many students.

Juno Student Loans, formerly LeverEdge, recognizes this and uses the collective power of students, graduates, and families who are seeking credit to make the banks and financial institutions compete for you by bidding the lowest interest rates they can offer.

They offer a transparent, hassle-free system for their customers and evaluated the lowest bids on a pre-set criterion. On top of that, they share with you the exclusive deal and rate of interest being offered to streamline the process.

Juno Student Loan Services

Juno Student Loans (LeverEdge) caters to people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities. Receiving high-quality education and upgrading your skills at any stage of your life is your choice which should not be hindered by money.

Therefore, to enable you to receive the education you deserve, Juno Loans provides the following major services:

Undergraduate Loans

Juno Loans helps undergraduate students secure student loans. They recommend first exhausting your federal loan options (the limit for dependent undergraduates is $5,500 for the first year) as they offer the lowest interest rates.

Once you need to supplement the federal loans with private loans, Juno Student Loans streamlines the entire process. You should try to secure more money from federal loans by way of other grants offered by the federal government.

Graduate Loans

Federal direct unsubsidized loans with a limit of $20,500 per year can be availed for entering graduate school. The private loans can help you supplement your tuition and other expenses such as accommodation, books, and more.

A higher credit score will help you with lower interest rates. Juno Loans will help you secure loans for business, law, and medical school. The cost of these can be exorbitant, therefore it becomes necessary for securing low-interest rates.

Refinance Loans

Refinancing an old loan can help you save money. When you take a loan, the ability to pay back is a major concern for the lender. The less credit history you have, the more credit risk, which translates to high-interest rates.

However, you can change that by getting better terms on a loan. If you have a good credit score, you can refinance an old loan with a new loan which offers you less interest rate.

International Health Insurance

Juno Student Loans offers its customers international health insurance and helps them save money by engaging in the bidding system by the insurers. They make sure that the health insurance offered meets the university requirements and provides the coverage you need.

Partner With Juno Student Loans Today

Here at My College Planning Team we highly encourage you to partner with Juno Student Loans today to take charge of your finances and assist you in making sound financial decisions.

Chris works as a college admissions counselor/consultant and teacher with students from over 10 countries.

He's earned master's degrees from Wayne State and Harvard University, completed the CELTA (Certified English Language Teaching to Adults) certification in 2012, and accumulated six years of experience in tutoring various subjects. The list includes TOEFL, AP/SAT US History, AP/SAT World History, SSAT, Political Science, World Civilization, Essay Development, and Government.

Through college counseling, Chris has helped students transfer into many reputable universities, earn admission into top 20 undergraduate programs, and he has assisted working professionals in achieving their goal of placing into the most selective graduate and professional programs.

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