Elevate Your Scores, Elevate Your Future:
A Strategic Approach to Test Success

Unlock the Power of High SAT and ACT Scores
The significance of SAT and ACT scores in college admissions cannot be overstated. In the journey towards college acceptance, high test scores are more than just numbers—they are your ticket to standing out in the competitive college admissions landscape. Even in an era where tests are optional, achieving a high score can dramatically enhance your profile, potentially unlocking doors to opportunities that might remain closed otherwise.
The Path to Your Highest Score: A Strategic Approach
Wondering how to transcend average scores and achieve your test potential? The formula is clear:
Expert Tutoring + Dedication + Practice + Time = Your Best Score
  Don’t wait to start sculpting your future. Contact us today to discover the optimal study plan tailored for your success as you transition into your college years.
Navigating the SAT vs. ACT Decision and More
Choosing between the SAT and ACT, deciding on the best time to take the test, understanding the benefits of tutoring, and figuring out the right study timeline can be overwhelming. Questions like these are crucial: Rich and our team are eager to provide personalized answers to these questions and any others you might have regarding college test preparation. In the meantime, explore our informative slides or watch our detailed video guide to gain insights and clarity.

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Meet Our Expert Tutors

Rich Goldman: The Mastermind Behind Your Success

Rich Goldman, an Ivy League gem from the University of Pennsylvania, stands out as your go-to SAT and ACT guru. Known affectionately as “Mr. SAT,” Rich has spent decades demystifying these pivotal tests for countless students. His journey in test prep began with Kaplan and Princeton Review, where he honed his craft before branching out with his revolutionary teaching methods. Rich’s approach is straightforward yet effective: dive into the tests from day one, offering students a hands-on experience that’s both direct and invaluable. With a teaching style characterized by interactivity, motivation, humor, and the ability to simplify complex concepts, Rich not only improves scores but also builds confidence. Beyond his professional accolades, Rich is a family man at heart, an avid nature lover, adventure traveler, scuba diver, and a friend to people from all walks of life.

Rich Goldman, Director of Tutoring
Alison Worland, SAT/ACT Tutor
Alison Worland: Personalizing Your Path to Success

Alison Worland, or “Ali” as she’s fondly known, is a powerhouse SAT tutor whose dedication to her students knows no bounds. Her tutoring philosophy was inspired by the impactful guidance she received during her own academic journey, driving her to provide a personalized, highly-effective tutoring experience for every student. Ali’s unique approach transforms the SAT from a daunting hurdle into an exhilarating opportunity to showcase potential. Her sessions are more than just lessons; they’re confidence-building encounters that mix positivity, structured guidance, and motivational coaching. Ali’s commitment extends beyond the classroom, offering extra practice and mock exams to ensure her students are always on track. An athlete with a competitive streak, a former educator, and a proud University of North Carolina Tarheel, Ali brings a blend of expertise, energy, and encouragement to her tutoring sessions.