If You Don’t Ask the Question, The Answer Is Always No

I just explained this quote to my 9-year-old son.  He was puzzled.  What does that quote mean and why should he care? I think it’s an important life lesson; don’t you?

It’s Always Best to Ask

We all have moments where we wish we had asked a question.  For instance, I learned the hard way that I would never get a discount for auto services if I didn’t ask.  I now ask EVERY single time if there is anything that they can do for me on the bill or if they have coupons for service.  I almost always get ten percent or more off!  That’s not small change!

As a former college academic adviser, I saw countless students get extensions for papers or a slight raise in the grade, when they asked nicely and gave a good reason if needed. Some students got a flat no to their questions but at least they tried when they were in need.

Attitude is Everything

Part of the secret is that you must ask politely, carefully and respectfully.  You cannot assume you will get the answer you want.  You cannot show a hostile attitude.  You cannot be outwardly angered by the answer you don’t want to hear.  These negatives show entitlement and no one wants to work with that entitled person.

Be Ready With a Good Reason

Sometimes you need a good reason too.  For instance, don’t ask for the paper extension because you left it until the last minute.  However, if you have been sick, then do ask and be prepared to back it up with evidence like a doctor’s note.

Other examples of why this is important are here.

What if you don’t ask at all?  Well, then the answer is always no. Will you try this?  When?



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