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Gather your friends, neighbors, club members, or colleagues for an informative college funding and preparation workshop. Our team of academic and financial experts will share valuable ideas, information, and strategies to help parents of college-bound students plan and pay for college.

These workshops are tailored to your audience and are completely free for both the host and participants. Whether for your library, high school, group, or organization, scheduling a workshop is easy. 

We look forward to helping you plan for college success!

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Community Workshops

High Schools · Middle Schools · Libraries · Park Districts · Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO’s) · Religious Organizations (Churches, Temples, Synagogues and Mosques)

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Corporate Workshops

This is a free benefit to your company’s employees with college-bound students. Available as a Lunch-and-Learn session

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Private Workshops

Sports groups · Neighborhoods · Scout troops · Home-schooled families · Tutors

Monika - Student

“I just want to thank you for the work that you did with me and for how much you helped me last year. I could not have gone through that difficult process without you and I am so grateful that you were there to guide me every step of the way – you changed my life for the better and truly aided in the success of my future and for that, I cannot thank you enough.”

Linda Hunt, Parent

“We are a repeat customer! Five years ago my eldest son had the pleasure of working with Stephanie and again this past year I was thrilled to have My College Planning Team assist my youngest son. Stephanie helped us every step of the way, from deciding which college would suit my son’s character, to filling out the Common App, to critiquing essays, to understanding our financial awards. The tools she gave my son to assist with college planning were indispensable. Using her and her team’s expertise in navigating the college application experience was a great investment!”

Jennifer Kimmel

“I just want to thank you for the work that you did with me and for how much you helped me last year. I could not have gone through that difficult process without you and I am so grateful that you were there to guide me every step of the way – you changed my life for the better and truly aided in the success of my future and for that, I cannot thank you enough.”

Pamela Elaine Nichols

I attended MCPT’s free webinar offered through my local library. The information was comprehensive and honestly, overwhelming. But MCPT facilitators already know this. That’s why I took them up on their offer for a free 1:1 consultation. I believed this offer would help me make sense of the many layers to planning for my daughter’s college education and tuition. I was more than pleasantly surprised by the camaraderie and understanding that Mark displayed in the first 5 minutes of our session. But that’s not the best part. After Mark listened to my (unique) fears and anxieties about college for my daughter, he offered me a specific and spot-on strategy. Not only did that strategy relieve my fears, but it also turns out it will make me look like a supermom in the eyes of my daughter! I more than highly recommend MCPT to any parent who worries like I did about their child’s college future. Contact MCPT, get a strategy, and worry no more.

Abigail Hsu, Morristown & Morris Township Public Library (NJ)

“My library began working with MCPT during 2020, when we were unable to provide in-person programming for college-bound students and their parents. Since then, we’ve regularly hosted MCPT workshops for our patrons, with topics ranging from standardized testing to financial aid appeals. The presentations are informative and up-to-date with the latest changes, and there is always time set aside for the speakers to address participants’ individual questions.”

Jordan De Rutyer-Cazden, Henrietta Hankin Branch Library(PA)

“Working with MCPT has been a great experience! They are so responsive and helpful every step of the way, making scheduling workshops an easy, intuitive process. With positive feedback from our patrons, I’m excited to continue collaborating with them on future programs!”

Ivanov Family - Parents

“As people who did not get higher education in this country, we needed help and guidance to understand the complexity of the college planning, especially the financial aspect. We read few books and articles before we met My College Planning Team, and already had some idea of the dynamics of the process. Our MCPT Advisor helped us to see things in perspective and relative to our own financial situation. They guided us through the details and specifics of the financial aid planning, and the different strategies that could be implemented to complete the planning with the best possible results. Because of the expert help we received, we are more informed, confident, and will make better decisions along the way of college education.”

Mary, school counselor at Blooming Prairie High School

“Becky had a great presentation for our families. The information was pertinent regarding applying for scholarships, appealing financial aid offers and asking questions about things you don’t fully understand.”

Bill F.

“Our MCPT Admission Coach has been very helpful in the decision process for the universities we were considering. We knew that the process of choosing a college or university for our daughter would be challenging. She provided us insight into schools we really hadn’t given a second thought to. She helped us really hone in on what our daughter would find as the best fit for her. We look forward to using her again with our son in another year.”

Diana Mora

“MCPT can help you appeal to colleges for more financial aid. I had no idea this was possible, to ask for more aid after receiving my financial aid award letter from colleges!”

Ray Giese

“My College Planning Team provides important resources to help high school students determine their best path to a rewarding and satisfying college experience and career. The support they provide regarding the financial, academic, and career planning aspects of the college planning process will benefit students throughout their lives. Take the time to develop a plan, and then work the plan towards success! My College Planning Team will help you make your plan a reality!”

Rich Goldman

“MCPT is a highly organized, skilled and immensely knowledgable organization. They know the college admissions ropes like the proverbial back of the hand, and – most important of all – they truly care about the well being and success of their clients. This is one of the deepest and most multi-tiered teams out teams out there – do you have a need or a question regarding college admissions? You cannot and will not go wrong with MCPT!”

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