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  We can help you reduce college costs through the appeals process!

Your first offer isn’t your final offer..


Many families naively pay whatever their student’s college asks them to pay. They have no idea that most colleges are willing, even happy, to offer them a lower price.

In fact, most colleges actually include money in their budget every year just to increase financial aid offers they have already sent to some of their accepted applicants.

80% of MCPT appeals clients won additional financial aid in 2022.

How does one get to be one of those lucky applicants?

First, it’s not about luck. It’s about supply, demand, and leverage. There are a small sliver of colleges that have far more applicants than they have spots. But the vast majority of higher ed institutions have been scrambling for students for years now.

Second, colleges and universities aren’t going to just volunteer to give your student more scholarship money (unless they are REALLY in a pinch).

You have to ask for it. And this is absolutely critical … you have to know how to ask for it!

If the college your student wants to attend:

  • is asking you to pay more than you think you can afford
  • is asking you to pay more than what you think is a fair price

Then book a free college planning session with the My College Planning Team appeals experts. 

Although no one can guarantee that you will win an appeal for more financial aid, My College Planning Team will give you an honest and realistic assessment of your chances of reducing your actual college price through the appeals process.

If we think there’s a reasonable chance of winning your appeal, you’ll get our very best expertise and effort to help you make the best possible case. If we don’t, we will explain why and give you some ideas of other ways to reduce your costs.

In the last two years, MCPT has helped clients win their appeals over 80% of the time with an average increase of $7,000 per year.  Let us help you evaluate your situation and find an appeal strategy that works best for you.

Schedule a free free college planning session to discuss the merits of your appeal.

Don’t leave money on the table. Put it in your own pocket, instead!

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