Welcome to our comprehensive resource page designed to assist you with every stage of your college journey. From finding financial aid to choosing the right college, these free tools are curated to empower your decision-making and enhance your planning efforts.

College Price Transparency

Explore tools that provide clear, accessible information on college costs, aiding you in making informed financial decisions:

  • College Scorecard: A U.S. Department of Education tool for comparing colleges across key statistics such as median debt and post-graduation salary. Learn more
  • SwiftStudent: Free assistance for writing financial aid appeal letters.

Saving on Tuition

Discover ways to earn college credits before attending college, reducing overall tuition costs:

Paying for College

Resources to help you navigate the complexities of financial aid, scholarships, and loans:

  • The go-to federal resource for understanding types of loans, eligibility, and repayment options. Visit now
  • Comprehensive coverage on financial aid, from loans to scholarships. Explore options
  • Fastweb: A top site for scholarships, internships, and financial aid tips. Search scholarships
  • Edvisors: Financial planning for college, including aid advice and loan management. Get informed
  • Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB): Guides and tools for managing college finances effectively. Access resources

College Search and Exploration

Tools to help you find the best college match based on your preferences and needs:

Testing and College Applications

Resources for registering and preparing for college admissions tests and applications:

  • College Board: For SAT, PSAT, AP, and Subject Test registration and prep. Access your account
  • ACT: Registration and resources for the ACT test. Register here
  • Common App: Simplify your college application process using one application for multiple colleges. Apply now
  • Coalition App: A platform with a digital locker for managing college applications. Start your application

Resources for Transfer Students

Considering a transfer from a junior or community college to a four-year institution can be a smart move, but it’s crucial to ensure that your hard-earned credits will be accepted at your new school. To make this process smoother and avoid any setbacks, we’ve gathered some essential resources for transfer students.

  • Transferology: If you are considering attending a junior or community college before transferring to a four-year institution, check this website to make sure all of your courses are transferable. You don’t want to waste time and money taking classes that won’t be given credit.

Resources for Specific Populations

Certain populations may have unique needs or face particular challenges when it comes to college admissions. Here are resources tailored to various groups to help them navigate the process more effectively.

Asian American Pacific Islander Students Black/African American Students   First-Generation Students   Hispanic/Latinx Students   LGBTQ+ Students   Student Athletes   Students with IEPs/504 Plans
  • Postsecondary Choices Fair: Highlights colleges with specific resources for students with learning differences who are college-bound. Held every October, with previous years’ materials available.
  Undocumented Students