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When you order now, you’ll get:
  • Personalized college financial aid report for your child’s top 3 schools
  • An accurate estimate of your child’s financial aid eligibility at each school, based on your expected family contribution (EFC)
  • A 30-minute meeting with one of our financial aid experts who will provide you with unique recommendations for increasing your financial aid 

How It Works

Order Your Report

Order Your Service Package

Once you place your order, you'll receive an email with a data form to complete. We use your answers to estimate out-of-pocket costs for your child’s top colleges. Just like a doctor gathering patient information, your responses help us understand your situation.

Get Your Report

Based on your responses, our software creates three customized college reports. These reports guide your planning, admissions, and funding decisions, saving you money and improving your retirement savings. Once we receive your data form, you'll get a link to schedule a meeting with one of our client service managers. This calendar allows you to select the best time for your consultation.

Discuss Your College Plan

During your consultation, we'll review your family’s situation and answer all your questions. We'll discuss the customized reports in detail and offer specific strategies to optimize your college planning and funding. Bring as many questions as you have, and we'll provide the answers you need for effective college planning.


What’s included in the report?

After you complete your data form, add your child’s first-choice college before you submit it to us. After completing your Q&A meeting, you can receive reports for up to 3 additional colleges. Each report will help you answer questions, including:

  • How much financial aid will we qualify for?
  • How much of our financial aid will be scholarships/grants as opposed to loans?
  • Can we increase our financial aid eligibility? How?
  • What merit scholarships does our child qualify for, and what are the
  • requirements?
  • Is a 529 College Savings Plan the right choice?
  • Will we qualify for tax credits? Which ones? How much?

 and more!