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Let us help you save money on college. 

We offer free, 1 hour college planning consultations. All consultation appointments  are done by phone. 

Schedule your 1 hour free consultation by clicking the button below. 

What’s included

Discuss the most cost-efficient ways to pay for college based on your family’s financial circumstances and your student’s academic profile

Receive 3 customized college reports for colleges of your choice showing a breakdown of the need-based and/or merit-based aid you can expect at each school based on your financial situation.

Get personalized recommendations on how you can lower the cost of college including income, asset, tax and borrowing strategies you can consider to reduce your college costs.

Hosted by Jack Schacht

Jack has over 40 years in marketing, management, career development and business leadership. As the founder of My College Planning Team, he helps families identify and implement strategies that can help them reduce college costs.

Let us help your student find and get accepted into their best fit-college

What’s included

Discuss your student’s current and potential needs to anticipate as they prepare to apply to colleges and universities.

Explain what services can be provided by the student’s high school counselor and what services can be supplemented by another counselor on our team.

Recommend appropriate service options to help your student stay on track with their college planning.

Hosted by Amelia Manning

Amelia Manning, the Director of our Student Service team with extensive experience in career and college counseling, will conduct your 30-minute conference.

Let us help boost your student’s ACT and SAT score

What’s included

Learn WHY taking a college admissions test is still a good idea in a test-optional environment and how it can affect the amount of merit aid you receive.

Get tips on which test (the ACT or SAT) is the best one for your student to take based on their unique strengths and learning style.

Discover the keys to getting the highest possible score and how tutoring can help your student optimize their results.

Hosted by Rich Goldman

Rich Goldman, the Director of our all-star tutoring team, is an Ivy educated tutoring expert, with 20years experience at Kaplan and Princeton Review, and will conduct your 30-minute free conference.

Let us help your student find a “best fit” career path based upon their unique traits

What’s included

Discuss the use of assessment tools to help your student discover their unique traits, including values, personality, interests, and skills. 

Understand how they will apply their findings to explore and research career paths that match their unique traits. 

Learn how to decide on a “best fit” career path by validating their choice through elective courses, internships, informational interviews, etc.

Hosted by Ray Giese

Ray Giese, the Director of our Career Planning team with extensive experience in career planning will conduct your 30-minute conference. 

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