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Discovery: Proactive Career Focus

This is the fourth in my series on the Five Steps of Proactive Career Development created by the Illinois Career Development Association (ICDA) Step 3 of 5 Steps of Proactive Career Development: Develop and sustain a clear career focus or mission for your life’s work and re-evaluate regularly. Remember Alice in Wonderland? What often comes to mind as I consider career development focus is the exchange between Alice and the Cheshire Cat in Lewis Carol’s Alice in Wonderland. Here is an…

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Faith-Based Answers to the Tough Questions

This “Guest Blog” was written by Pastor Terrence Ford, Youth Pastor at Victory Cathedral in Bolingbrook, Illinois.   When I interviewed Pastor Ford for my “Keeping the Faith in College II” blog, he spoke with such enthusiasm and clarity (he was just plain FUN!) that I invited him to write a blog on his advice to young adults. He readily accepted (Thank you, Pastor T!). So, here is our debut of the My College Planning Team (MCPT) Guest Blog. Stephanie Kennedy,…

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Keeping the Faith in College II

2nd in a Series on College Student Development:  Keeping the Faith My April 23rd,  2014, blog for My College Planning Team, “Keeping the Faith in College,1” was written from my personal perspective based on my experiences with students in colleges, both faith-based and secular.  College students tend to question their faith.  College students tend to experiment with the routines of discipline they knew at home with their family of origin. Most professionals who study and understand young adult development recognize…

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Experiencing Your Essence

What is your essence and how does it apply to the college search process? When you are searching for a college, it is easy to get pulled into where you "should" go and what you "should" pick as a major. This is the time to step back and discover who you are on the inside. What is it that you want?  A tip is to look at the things that really excite you, that give you a feeling of "this is…

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