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Can’t Afford College Even With Financial Aid? Read This!

Many families think the financial aid process ends once a student accepts a financial aid package and enrolls in college. However, it turns out that contacting a school’s financial aid office can help a student stay in school when that package turns out to not be enough. According to a recent report, money is the most common reason students drop out of college. In 2017, more than 38% of students cited financial pressure as the main reason for discontinuing their studies.…

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Three Tips For Optimizing Your Appeal For More Merit Aid

Your appeal for additional financial aid is not something that begins after you receive your award letter and suddenly realize you can’t afford to pay for your child’s dream school. Your appeal, rather, is one of many components of your overall game plan to pay for college. It can be one of the most important components for lowering college costs.  Here are three important tips for optimizing your merit aid through the appeals process:  Plan your appeal early. It should…

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Financial Aid Workshop Opportunities With MCPT

Nearly every student will need to apply for financial aid at some point in their life. Whether it is because they have a parent who is not able to cover the cost of tuition, or because they are seeking out scholarships and grants to help pay for school, these types of educational funding are important. However, there are many different types of financial aid and scholarship opportunities that can be confusing. Luckily,  we offer numerous financial aid workshop opportunities throughout…

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7 things to have ready before you file the 2022 – 2023 FAFSA

1. Know the deadlines - There are 3 of them! Federal - The FAFSA becomes available on October 1, 2021 for the college academic year 2022 - 2023 and the federal deadline is June 30, 2022. Link to the FAFSA form. College – Since colleges rely on the FAFSA to award student aid, make sure you know each individual school’s FAFSA deadline. Deadlines may be different for early action, early/regular decision, new students, and continuing students. State - Residents planning to attend an in-state…

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Do you need help with the FAFSA?– What you need to know!

The financial aid eligibility process can be tedious and difficult to navigate. Planning ahead and starting the process early is a great way to ensure that your journey is as smooth as possible. So, let’s get started with how to file FAFSA. How to File FAFSA It is in your best interest to make completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) a priority. I recommend completing it as early as October 1 your senior year, and each year…

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Use Caution Before Using Insurance or Annuities to Reduce EFC

There are a lot of financial advisors out there who are anxious to sell you insurance, annuities, 529s, and other financial products in the name of helping you lower your college costs. Using these for a college education is not always the best idea. I always advise people to do their homework before they act on any advisor’s recommendations. Not doing your homework on annuities for college funding can end up costing you much more. « Learn more about financial aid Annuities are…

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7 Unconventional Ways to Earn Money Towards Your Kid’s Dream Degree

Written by: Guest Contributor College is a big expense, and saving for it can be stressful for both parents and students. It’s easy to make mistakes in this process of saving and paying for an education. We all know about filling out the FAFSA. But let’s talk about 7 unique strategies for saving and paying for college.  Deposit funds into a college savings account There are various types of college savings accounts available to you. Some schools allow parents to…

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What is EFC (and Why Does it Matter)?

EFC stands for expected family contribution. It’s the amount that the government and colleges calculate you should be able to pay out of pocket toward college costs. It's also used to calculate the amount of need-based financial aid students qualify for. Many families don’t know that they have some control over their EFC. By understanding how your expected family contribution is calculated and used by colleges, you can learn EFC-reducing strategies that can increase your student’s financial aid eligibility and…

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student work

The Benefits of Student Work in College

« Learn more about financial aid One of the most productive things your student can do with all the newfound free time that college affords is to find gainful employment. Working as a college student is beneficial for everyone. For some students, it can be a great way to keep their lives structured while making some extra money. For others, student work is a necessity to stay in school at all. Student Income and EFC If you have any experience…

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css profile

How To Get Help Filling Out Your CSS Profile

« Learn more about financial aid Applying to college is exciting, but it’s also up there among some of the most stressful things you’ll ever do. Part of the reason for that is the confusing process of applying for financial aid.  If you’re like almost three-quarters of applicants recently surveyed by Citizens Bank, applying for financial aid is even more stressful than applying to colleges! So, if you’re at your wit's end about the aid process, you’re not alone. That…

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