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How To Get Help Filling Out Your CSS Profile

Ah, the joys of applying to college - filling out applications, writing endlessly about your hopes and dreams, trying to decipher the complex world of financial aid. If you're reading this, chances are you've tumbled down the rabbit hole that is the CSS Profile. For the uninitiated, the CSS (College Scholarship Service) Profile is essentially an extra financial aid form required by many private colleges and universities to determine your eligibility for institutional aid. Sounds simple enough, right? Oh, how…

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7 Unconventional Ways to Earn Money Towards Your Kid’s Dream Degree

College is a big expense, and saving for it can be stressful for both parents and students. It’s easy to make mistakes in this process of saving and paying for an education. We all know about filling out the FAFSA.  But let’s talk about 7 unique strategies for saving and paying for college, including ways to make extra money and save on tuition.  Deposit funds into a college savings account There are various types of college savings accounts that can…

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Stressed About the FAFSA? Don’t Panic – We’ve Got You Covered!

Let's be real – filing the  Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) isn't exactly a walk in the park. Between the tedious questions, financial docs galore, and that looming sense of "am I doing this right?", the process can quickly become overwhelming. But take a deep breath, because we're here to be your guide.  Think of us as your FAFSA sherpas, helping you navigate the mountain of federal aid forms. Our goal? Ensuring your journey is as smooth and…

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Three Tips For Optimizing Your Appeal For More Merit Aid

When that financial aid award letter arrives, many families feel a mix of excitement and dread. Sure, your student got into their dream school – but can you really swing those costs? Before resigning yourself to a decade of debt, there's one important avenue to explore: the merit aid appeal.  Appealing for more merit scholarships isn't just a last-ditch effort after the bills start piling up. It should be part of your strategic game plan from the very start of…

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How New FAFSA Rules Will Affect What Middle-Income Families Pay for College

For the first time in about forty years, some significant changes have been made in the FAFSA rules. Low-income, and even some lower-middle income families, will definitely benefit from increases in Pell Grants and a higher income protection allowance. Though not much will change for high-income families, financial planning for college will be much more problematic for middle-income families. Many of the benefits that were helpful to these families under the old rules, are no longer going to be available…

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Tips for Completing the FAFSA and CSS Profile

For parents of college-bound students, the cost of higher education can be a significant concern. Fortunately, there are financial aid opportunities available to help ease the burden. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the CSS Profile (College Scholarship Service Profile) are essential tools in securing financial aid for your child's college education. In this article, we'll provide you with valuable tips on filling out these forms, including deadlines and common mistakes to avoid. Understanding the FAFSA The…

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New FAFSA Rules Create ‘Grandparent Loophole’ for 529 plans

The long-awaited changes under the FAFSA Simplification Act will finally see the light of day in December when the U.S. Department of Education releases the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) for the 2024-2025 academic year. One of those changes will be welcome news for grandparents with the means and the desire to help pay for their grandchild’s college education. Previously, any money that grandparents gave a grandchild for college had to be reported as student untaxed income on the FAFSA, potentially lowering…

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5 Steps to Take After You Submit the FAFSA

Now that you have submitted the FAFSA, what’s next? Even though the federal deadline to submit the ‘23/24 FAFSA is 6/30/2024, you will want to submit the FAFSA as early as possible, especially for first-time freshmen. The Department of Education released the FAFSA on October 1st and many families have already completed it or are on the cusp of getting it completed and submitted. Submitting the FAFSA is just step one in the process. Here are 5 steps to take…

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How to resolve issues with your loan servicer

If you have been watching the news, you know Student loan servicers have been under scrutiny from organizations like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). They have been staunch advocates for borrowers against deceptive and unethical servicing practices by loan servicers which have defrauded millions of borrowers out of student loan forgiveness. The Department of Education (ED) has made significant changes to “right these wrongs” with their most recent changes and updates to several repayment programs. Every borrower must understand their…

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Federal PLUS Loan – Another option to pay for college

This article is slated to be updated with the latest FAFSA, Scholarship, and Financial Information. For more updated information, please refer to our 2023 and 2024 articles. College can be unaffordable for students who cannot secure other funding options. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) determines a student’s eligibility to receive financial aid. However, the aid offered through the FAFSA application will not be enough to cover most students’ school expenses. Therefore, students must secure other funding sources…

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