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Professors: Get to Know ‘Em Because They Own You

Well..not quite but I am not so far off. You will find out for yourself, of course, but wouldn't it be nice to have a little information about who these, professors are before you cross the thresholds of their classrooms? The following  is the prelude to a series of posts that will discuss the five general personality types of instructors you are likely to encounter in your stay in your new college homeland.   Going from high school to college is like…

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Learning Differences: 5 Steps to Post-Secondary Planning

Students with learning differences must start early in their planning for post-secondary education. Here are 5 initial hints to help begin the process. 1. Continue to do your best in high school coursework. Keep up a steady pace.  Develop good study habits and follow them.  Use good time management skills. Ask for help when you need it.   Prioritize your assignments so that you keep on schedule to get everything done.  If you miss an assignment or bomb a test, don’t…

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5 Steps of Proactive Career Development – Step 2

This is the third in my series of blog posts on the Five Steps of Proactive Career Development created by the Illinois Career Development Association (ICDA) Step 2. Gather and maintain current, accurate and comprehensive information about your chosen field Information. INFORMATION! I N F O R M A T I O N !!! Have you ever been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information you’ve gathered on a subject and at the same time still feel the need to…

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That Campus Job Can Help Launch Your Student’s Career

I think parents make a big mistake when they fail to encourage their students to get a part-time campus job during college. Think about it. One student goes to college and works on campus 15 hours a week in the campus bookstore and, during the summer, at the local supermarket. Another student goes to college, studies hard and even takes a few extra classes during the summer but doesn’t pursue a job. If both students graduated from the same school…

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A Reason to Call Your State Representative!

Ten years ago, Florida became the first state to allow its community colleges to offer four-year bachelors degrees. Today almost half of Florida’s community colleges offer degrees in a wide variety of subjects. Florida’s success caused other states to follow suit and now 22 states allow their community colleges to offer four-year degrees. Because of pushback from our four-year private and public universities, Illinois has been unable to make it happen--despite the lobbying efforts of our community colleges over the…

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Easy Does It: Simple Tips for the ACT Test Taker

If taking the ACT test is in your future, I feel for you--I really do. It is long and challenging and almost everybody who takes it collapses in relief once its over. But besides my sympathy, I have a number of helpful tips that can really take the edge off so that this monster of a test is actually bearable if not downright enjoyable. (Well--I had to try...). It should go without saying that starting your preparation at least three months before the exam…

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5 Questions to Ask Your College Funding Adviser

According to Kalman Chany, author of Paying for College Without Going Broke, using an accountant to do your college financial plan can actually cost you thousands of dollars in potential financial aid.  Here are 5 questions to ask before you make a decision to retain anyone as your college funding adviser: 1. Should I increase my retirement contributions to lower my adjusted gross income during my child’s college years? If the accountant says yes to this question, you definitely have the wrong person…

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A Lesson in Paying for College — Part 1

Here’s a little-known fact about the cost of a college education: there are two prices, one for the informed and one for the uninformed. The uninformed “buyer of a college education” generally spends thousands of dollars more than the informed. And, while the uninformed is sending their child to the local community college or state university, the informed parent is often sending their student to a prestigious private college – and paying the same price! Helping you become a more-informed…

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Outside Scholarships That Fill Unmet Need

A lot of families have been discouraged from pursuing private scholarships for reasons I have already discussed in a previous blog--that the colleges will not use them to fill unmet need. Spending hours pursuing scholarships that are only going to reduce the financial aid you would have gotten otherwise, is not the way you want to spend your time. A number of colleges across the country, however, have signed a pledge with  Scholarship America to provide real value from its…

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The Late Bloomer – College Students Home Without a Summer Job

Evidence of an improving economy and job market is helping college students land productive summer jobs just as it is helping full-time workers get back on their feet.  However, there are some college students who came home for the summer expecting that summer job to land in their lap, and they have been disappointed.  With most students returning to college in just a couple of months, who wants to hire a kid for 8 to 10 weeks?  What's the desperate college student to…

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