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Enjoying Thanksgiving Break With Your Visiting College Student

Thanksgiving break can be such a wonderful time for parents and their returning college students. While parents simply look forward to having their child at home, students cannot wait to catch up with friends, gorge on home cooking, and relax in the comforts of home. As you plan the visit, I encourage parents to expect changes in their student’s tastes, behaviors, and routines. It is important to keep in mind that your child has been living an independent life for…

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10 Points to Help Your Child Get the Most Out of College

Today's blog features our guest blogger, Dr. Joel Ingersoll, of Take On College, Inc.  Dr. Joel shares the My College Planning Team philosophy and mission of helping students maximize the college experience. In this blog, he shares his professional advice to parents in helping their college students create a healthy, confident transition!   Now that summer gone and we are into the fall semester, much has been written about preparing college students for the upcoming semester.  You've likely read numerous college survival lists noting…

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Fear and Loathing and the College Roommate

Your freshman year in college starts soon. New school. New home. New college roommate. If the thought of living with someone you don’t know seems uncomfortable, creepy even, you’re not alone.  I’ll bet your future college roommate feels the same way! Whether you utilize your college’s “roommate finder” resource or decide to room with a high school friend, sharing living space with another person can get complicated. With a roommate, you will have to navigate a new type of relationship without…

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Making Your Faith Your Own

Is attending church part of your family tradition? Is church where you find your social niche? If either of those things are true about you, great! However, being friendly to the faith does not necessarily mean you are fully living it out. Have you truly owned your faith, made your faith your own? Do I think about and practice my faith apart from church/youth group? Do I continually seek to challenge myself spiritually (aside from attending church/youth group)? Do I…

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Fostering Your Faith in College

I know what you’re thinking, “I barely find time to foster my faith now, how in the world will I find time to prioritize my faith once I’m in college?!”  Relax and get ready!  One challenge every student faces when starting college is time management.  You can (and will) learn how to manage your personal and class schedules.  In fact, your new-found freedom can be exciting.  In college, you will have more control than you've ever had over what you…

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5 Points of Advice for College Success

I’m guessing that your first few weeks of college have been a whirlwind of moving in, setting up, and attending orientation. Now that you are somewhat established, here’s some advice for your college success. 1. Have a Good Day...Make a New Friend Whether you chose a small college or large university, you have immersed yourself in one of the coolest ongoing social experiments of all time. It's rare to have so many people your age collected in one place. While this may…

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Professors: Get to Know ‘Em Because They Own You

Well..not quite but I am not so far off. You will find out for yourself, of course, but wouldn't it be nice to have a little information about who these, professors are before you cross the thresholds of their classrooms? The following  is the prelude to a series of posts that will discuss the five general personality types of instructors you are likely to encounter in your stay in your new college homeland.   Going from high school to college is like…

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Addressing the Spiritual Side of Student Development

Although our focus at My College Planning Team has been to build highly competent financial and academic teams, we have recently concluded that there is a very real and pressing need to also address the spiritual side of student development— especially in their transition from high school to college. Keeping the Faith in College As my partner Stephanie Kennedy mentioned in her recent blog, effective student development counseling must address the whole person--the intellectual, the emotional, and the spiritual.  She also noted…

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Clinical Anxiety in Teens

  In my private psychotherapy practice, anxiety in teens is a common reason for seeking treatment. Some level of anxiety is a normal, albeit uncomfortable part of life. However, when your child’s level of anxiety and worry is excessive and begins to significantly impact their life--in school, at home, or with friends--it may be time to seek professional help to determine whether your teenager is struggling with clinical anxiety. What are some signs of anxiety? General Anxiety Disorder is defined…

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5 Tips for Parents on College Adjustment

Seeing your first child off to college is one of the more significant transitions parents face.   Advice abounds for parents on college adjustment, but as a parent who has been through this stage, I have some advice of my own to share. These tips will be most effective if you discuss them together as a family and agree on the decision. 1.  Accept that You’ll Miss Them If your child is going away to college and living away from home, this…

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