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Community College: Is It Right for You?

Community college or four-year college? The idea of attending a four-year college sounds awesome, doesn’t it? You get to do your thing whenever you want. You are on your own. You are making your own way. But let’s face it, a four-year college is not for everyone. Community college often is the right choice for a student, whether it is a short-term choice, a path to an associates or two-year degree, or part of a more affordable financial plan. Why…

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Best Ways to Graduate On Time in 4 Years

The average college student is taking 6 years to get a 4 year degree.  Don’t be part of that statistic!  Use these tips to graduate on time. Do your research!  When you are looking at colleges, look carefully at graduation rates and make sure that the majority of students are graduating in 4 years.  If they aren’t, ask why this is happening.  Is it because they run out of money?  Is it because they don’t have enough professors in certain…

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A Reason to Call Your State Representative!

Ten years ago, Florida became the first state to allow its community colleges to offer four-year bachelors degrees. Today almost half of Florida’s community colleges offer degrees in a wide variety of subjects. Florida’s success caused other states to follow suit and now 22 states allow their community colleges to offer four-year degrees. Because of pushback from our four-year private and public universities, Illinois has been unable to make it happen--despite the lobbying efforts of our community colleges over the…

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