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I’ve Got an Interview! What Should I Wear?!?

What should I wear to my interview? I get that question a lot from my students regarding their admissions “interviews” (which may or may not be true interviews) or their honors interview (believe me, this one IS an interview). But the question is relevant to anyone planning to interview with admissions staff, a professor, an alum, or with a prospective employer.  It is ALWAYS a good idea to dress “appropriately” for an interview, even if it is for a lifeguard job or…

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Your Admitted Student Day Checklist

You got accepted to college! All of those long hours of visiting different colleges and universities, editing your essays, and completing applications have finally paid off! Yay! Now what? But…don’t throw away all of those flyers just yet. The Admitted Student Day is the best time to evaluate the school on your terms. Most colleges and universities will have their admitted student days in the Spring before the May 1st “Intent to Enroll” deadline, so schedule your visit early! Below…

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Css Profile

CSS Profile Deadline–Just Do It!

"I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by." Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt (2002) I procrastinate. I fight the tendency every day of my life, especially when the job to be done sparks anxiety. Suddenly it's October. Early admissions to colleges ramp up. Approximately 400 universities, colleges and scholarship programs require the CSS (College Scholarship Service) Profile. And, the bad news is that the Profile is twice as long as the FAFSA. The…

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What’s The Gap Year All About?

Photo Courtesy of Africa Asia Ventures Another school year, another batch of high school seniors readying their college applications. But before you commit to four years of college, there is another option to consider: a Gap Year. You may have heard your college counselor mention a Gap Year in passing, or perhaps you heard about a classmate taking one a few years back. Gap Years are growing in popularity, but what exactly is a Gap Year and how do you…

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Learning Differences: 5 Steps to Post-Secondary Planning

Students with learning differences must start early in their planning for post-secondary education. Here are 5 initial hints to help begin the process. 1. Continue to do your best in high school coursework. Keep up a steady pace.  Develop good study habits and follow them.  Use good time management skills. Ask for help when you need it.   Prioritize your assignments so that you keep on schedule to get everything done.  If you miss an assignment or bomb a test, don’t…

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Can You Trust The College Stats?

This afternoon I was reading a blog by Jon Marcus (“In new age of college transparency, who’ s checking the facts?”) and was shocked by the number of major universities that are inflating their "college stats" to keep the applications rolling in—and, of course, to maintain their all important U. S. News rankings. Whether it’s average student loan debt, graduate employment rates, or average ACT or SAT scores, it appears that a lot of schools are “cooking-the-books.”  What really stunned…

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Capitalize on Your Extracurricular Activities

By the time my daughter was in eighth grade, she had changed her career choice at least a dozen times. In kindergarten she anxiously proclaimed that she wanted to be a dentist, and by second grade it changed to an architect. We found out later that she had actually grown tired of eating leftovers; she felt that if she became an architect, she could avoid eating leftovers by building a “food court” in her basement. As a parent, you want…

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What If Your Student Is Not Ready For College?

Many parents I encounter seem to have some blind spots when it comes to their student’s readiness for college. Their student’s lack of readiness is not usually an academic issue but, rather, a maturity issue. Many students have no idea of what they want to study by the time they arrive on campus.  This, of course, is the reason so many students are taking six years to graduate. If your student is going to be in college for six years because they…

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How To Decline a College Acceptance

You're Admitted--How to Tell Your Colleges "No Thanks" You've received lots of college acceptance letters and have made that perfect choice.  Now that you’ve decided on the college you DO want, how do you politely decline those other offers of admission?   The most courteous thing to do is contact the admissions counselors from the schools you are declining. When you extend that courtesy, it allows another student to fill your spot. A simple email would suffice. Just write a short email to each of…

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College Admissions: Looking Behind The Curtain

A blog by Rachael Fishman on the New American Foundation’s website entitled “The Dark Side of Enrollment Management" has created quite a storm in higher education. It has also angered a lot of parents. The article reported that George Washington University has been lying about its admissions practices for years. They have actually even admitted it. To make matters worse, other reporters on higher education are discovering that GWU’s deceptive practices are being emulated by many other private colleges across…

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