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The content published in some of our past blogs were within the context of the FAFSA rules that existed at the time they were written. These rules have changed for students entering or already in college in 2024.

Navigating College Success: How 504 Plans Provide Accommodations for College-Level Achievement

The journey to college is filled with excitement and anticipation, but for college-bound students with disabilities, it can also be a time of uncertainty and concern. Will the accommodations that supported their success still be available as they graduate from high school and move on to postsecondary education?  How will they navigate a new environment, advocate for their needs, and ensure they benefit from the offered accommodations as college-bound students? Fortunately, most colleges and universities are required to provide equal…

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css profile

How To Get Help Filling Out Your CSS Profile

Ah, the joys of applying to college - filling out applications, writing endlessly about your hopes and dreams, trying to decipher the complex world of financial aid. If you're reading this, chances are you've tumbled down the rabbit hole that is the CSS Profile. For the uninitiated, the CSS (College Scholarship Service) Profile is essentially an extra financial aid form required by many private colleges and universities to determine your eligibility for institutional aid. Sounds simple enough, right? Oh, how…

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student loan servicing company

The Student Loan Servicing Struggle Is Real – But You’re Not Alone

Let’s be honest - navigating the maze of student loans and dealing with those massive servicing companies can feel a bit like wandering through a house of horrors. Between the confusing jargon, endless paper trails, and those harrowing tales of borrowers getting the runaround, it’s enough to make your head spin. But take a deep breath, because you’ve got backup. Across the country, armies of advocates and resources are ready to have your back when those student loan servicers start…

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7 Unconventional Ways to Earn Money Towards Your Kid’s Dream Degree

College is a big expense, and saving for it can be stressful for both parents and students. It’s easy to make mistakes in this process of saving and paying for an education. We all know about filling out the FAFSA.  But let’s talk about 7 unique strategies for saving and paying for college, including ways to make extra money and save on tuition.  Deposit funds into a college savings account There are various types of college savings accounts that can…

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Stressed About the FAFSA? Don’t Panic – We’ve Got You Covered!

Let's be real – filing the  Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) isn't exactly a walk in the park. Between the tedious questions, financial docs galore, and that looming sense of "am I doing this right?", the process can quickly become overwhelming. But take a deep breath, because we're here to be your guide.  Think of us as your FAFSA sherpas, helping you navigate the mountain of federal aid forms. Our goal? Ensuring your journey is as smooth and…

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Three Tips For Optimizing Your Appeal For More Merit Aid

When that financial aid award letter arrives, many families feel a mix of excitement and dread. Sure, your student got into their dream school – but can you really swing those costs? Before resigning yourself to a decade of debt, there's one important avenue to explore: the merit aid appeal.  Appealing for more merit scholarships isn't just a last-ditch effort after the bills start piling up. It should be part of your strategic game plan from the very start of…

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Don’t dismiss small-town colleges

As a graduate of one small college (1,000 students in a town of 10,500) and former employee of another (900 students in a town of 10,000), I want to make a suggestion as your students are exploring colleges: Don’t be too quick to cross small-town and rural colleges off the list. I compiled a bunch of advantages with the help of some small-town college alumni. Here are just a few: 1. Tuition and housing prices may be more attractive. Enrollment at…

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Reducing the Financial Burden of College With Merit-Based Scholarships

For parents of college-bound students, the cost of higher education can be a significant concern. While financial aid and grants might be more common, merit-based scholarships provide another valuable avenue to help offset the expenses of college. There are many different ways to find merit-based scholarships and a few key notes to keep in mind when applying for scholarships. Ultimately, merit-based scholarships can ease the financial burden on both you and your college-bound student. Understanding Merit-Based Scholarships Merit-based scholarships are…

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Thanksgiving Break College Application Tips

Thanksgiving break is the perfect opportunity for high school seniors to catch their breath and tackle important college application tasks. With Early Action 1 deadlines in the past, Early Action 2 deadlines quickly approaching, and admission results on the horizon, it's a critical time for college-bound students. As parents, you can help your child make the most of this break with some practical advice. In this blog post, we'll outline Thanksgiving break college application tips to ensure your child's time…

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8 Reasons a Student Should Work a Part-Time Job During College

College is a thrilling and transformative period for young adults. It’s a time when students are not only expanding their knowledge, but also developing crucial life skills and figuring out who they are and where they may fit career-wise upon graduation. An excellent way to enhance this experience is by obtaining part-time employment while pursuing a college degree. Though balancing academics and work may seem daunting, the benefits of employment during college are vast and can significantly impact one’s future…

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