Beware Senioritis

Senioritis–Why Avoid It?

We often joke about Senioritis.  Technically it means the pain of being a Senior but for most, it’s not exactly painful. It’s that time when students are so close to finishing up and want to coast their way to the finish line. After all, there is so much going on with prom, upcoming graduation parties, the taste of their new college life and that impending freedom from parents.  Students have worked so hard and just want a minute to breathe or take a break from academics.  However, watch out, because Senioritis might have some unintended repercussions.

What Repercussions?

The first one is that bad behavior such as a prank gone wrong or poor grades or dishonesty of any sort can lead a college to rescind their acceptance letter or financial support.  Yes, it has happened before and yes, it can happen anytime.  Colleges are looking for character, integrity, and motivation.  This means doing the best thing even when no one is looking.

Endings and Beginnings

There’s another part, too.  Someone once told me that the way you end something influences how you begin the next thing.  So, for instance, let’s say you had a bad break up where the other person cheated on you.  That means that your psyche may have internalized the lack of trust and you will be more suspicious of people around you.  That also means that the next relationship might be harder to start.  You might begin a new romantic relationship feeling fearful and closed to sharing yourself so it will be hard to establish trust.  However, what if you end a romantic relationship as friends?  That might mean that you are more open and willing to start that next romantic relationship with an open mind and love.

Persistence Wins

Now, back to high school and college…if you end your Senior year well and do your best, you will start off college with a good, positive attitude and confidence. If you end Senior year by goofing off, you might lose your self-confidence and that might make the start of college that much harder. Oh, and by the way, if you don’t master some knowledge in your Senior year, that might hurt you on college placement tests or it might mean that you waste time re-learning material during the first part of college.

In this life, there are few sprints.  It’s mostly a marathon when you look at your achievements and successes.  Keep running slow and steady, like the tortoise, not the hare.   That persistence, consistency, and momentum matter.  Keep it up during this last part of Senior year and for all the upcoming years.



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