Before May 1st College Decision

College decision

May 1, the widely known “College Decision” Deadline, is looming.  If you haven’t yet decided, we have listed below some questions to consider before saying “Yes”.

Social Fit Questions

May I talk with a current student from my part of the state/country so I can get a student’s perspective?

What do students do on the weekends?  Are parties the primary form of entertainment?  Does the college provide lots of speakers, films, concerts (big and small), outdoor activities, indoor activities, that appeal to me?

What is the make up of the student body as a whole, and do they seem to fit my style?  Consider socio-economic, culture, values, etc.)

What is the student cultural attitude about learning?  Does this feel like “grade 13” to me, or will I be sufficiently challenged academically?  Where do I find academic support when I get overwhelmed?

Academic Fit Questions

What are the requirements for maintaining my merit scholarships?  Is there a grace period if I fall below that?

What type of First Year Seminar class will I be taking?  What is the purpose and goal of that requirement?  How do I make the most of that class?

What is the student culture about studying?  Does it fit who I want to be?

Will my study abroad cost extra? (This info will be on the college website, but you may want to talk with the Department for Study Away (or similar) for details).  If yes, are there other study abroad opportunities that will not cost as much (i.e., during break between terms, summer, etc.)

If I earn credit for my AP exams (assuming I make the qualifying grade–which is listed on the college website), will I need to take the class anyway?

Financial Fit Questions

How much is tuition expected to increase each year, or is it “frozen” for my 4 years?

Are there any “hidden fees” that I have not accounted for in my cost of attendance? (Likely names would be technology fees, student activity fees, etc.)

Regarding my health insurance, can I obtain health insurance from the college, and might it be less expensive to do so than through my parents’ health insurance?

Ask for Help

If you would like to review your questions with someone “in the know,”  our team is available for consultation.  Contact us at to connect with us.




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