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Winning the Waiting Game – 5 action steps to take now

Tedious college applications, thoughtful essays, glowing recommendations, intense interviews, OH MY! The whole college process can bring about stress and anxiety for students and their families. Some try to speed up the process with early admissions, which has become all the more accessible AND competitive due to the expansion of test optional admissions. The frenzy of fall senior year is waning for those seniors who applied to early admissions deadlines but the waiting game between November 1st and January 1…

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Why Go to College When You’re Older – My Story

What a silly question that is, you might say. Here’s my story and it has a happy ending. WHY GO? I went to college for the first time when I was about 40. I had just gotten divorced and felt the need to expand my horizons and my education. I got married right out of high school, and although I took college classes, I knew I wasn’t going to attend college. After 40, I knew if I wanted to jump…

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Benefits of Federal Student Loan

The goal for every parent of students seeking higher education is to have their child graduate debt-free. The unfortunate reality of life is that college is not free. Therefore, many students will graduate with some debt burden. The amounts they carry will vary based on the institution they attend, the type of degree obtained, and how much student loans they borrow. If parents are not fiscally sound and prepared to cover their student's tuition expenses through 529 Savings Plans, home…

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3 Ways to Assist Your Student With College Applications

Resist the temptation As a high school counselor, I often ask students to log into their Common Application account or college specific application portal. This is usually because they have a question or need clarification on an item.  It is commonplace for students to tell me that they do not know their login information or that their parents completed the application on their behalf.  In that awkward moment, the student may feel inadequate or ashamed, and their confidence has been…

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Discover Your Dream Career

If you haven’t identified your dream career, making any college decisions can feel daunting. In reality, most junior and seniors in high school don't have any idea what they want to pursue as a career. Even those that think they have an idea, are likely to change their minds. Exploring options and finding careers that fit your interest, personality, and abilities requires some strategy. So how do you find that right major...perfect job...dream career?  Here’s a start: 4 steps to…

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How to Succeed in Online School

Online higher education has always been an option, but for those of us that decided to pursue degrees mostly (or fully) in-person, 2020. As someone who just finished my final semester of college online, I am familiar with the challenges and the disappointments. Here’s my advice on how to handle taking your classes online.  1. Create a space for school  If you can, avoid doing school work in your bed. I know it’s tempting to watch lectures from the comfort…

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Tools to Help Pay for College

There are many, many options when it comes to finding resources to help you figure out the best way to pay for college. There are blogs, websites, coaches, and more. Unfortunately, a lot of the advice out there can miss the mark and leave you paying more for college than you need to. « Learn more about paying for college Here are 5 free resources that we trust to help you find the best way to pay for college. 1.…

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A Pathway to Reduce Student Loan Debt and Increased Long-Term Financial Wellness

Written by: Ray Giese, Director of Career Development Every young adult hopes to ultimately find their way to the corner of the "Happy & Wealthy" quadrant by choosing a career that will provide them with a lifetime of earnings and personal satisfaction.  The prevailing thought is that every high school graduate must apply for and attend a college of their choice to help secure their chosen career path.  Each year high school students and their parents engage in the mad…

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7 Unconventional Ways to Earn Money Towards Your Kid’s Dream Degree

Written by: Guest Contributor College is a big expense, and saving for it can be stressful for both parents and students. It’s easy to make mistakes in this process of saving and paying for an education. We all know about filling out the FAFSA. But let’s talk about 7 unique strategies for saving and paying for college.  Deposit funds into a college savings account There are various types of college savings accounts available to you. Some schools allow parents to…

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Google Career Certificates

Google career certificates are designed to provide students with skills, tools, expertise, and experience necessary for entry-level jobs. No prior knowledge, experience, or college education is necessary. » Looking for other online courses? Check out our resource page Coursera Google Career Certifications 1. Google IT Support Professional Certificate (Google) This certificate is designed as a starting point for a successful career in IT. Students will learn foundational IT skills through virtual lectures and quizzes, as well as hands-on labs. This online…

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