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Analyzing Your College Award Letters

Analyzing your College Award Letters

College award letters are already fairly confusing. What's worse, they can often be somewhat misleading. This is especially problematic– considering major decisions are made based upon that first award letter; when the next one could be dramatically different. Before you accept a school’s award, there are a few steps you can take to better ensure you won't be left out in the cold later. Avoid the Bait and Switch What you see may not end up being what you get.…

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Update On Federal Student And Parent Loans

Update on Federal Student and Parent Loans

After what will likely go down as one of the more colorful campaign seasons; America has finally made its choice and the Federal government is on the eve of a substantial regime change. Under President Obama, federal student loan programs saw massive reform. Now that the White House is set to be under new management, it's only natural to wonder which of these reforms will remain, be adjusted, or discarded altogether. While the President-Elect has mentioned proposed changes here and…

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The Real Cost Of 2 Extra Years Of College

The Real Cost of 2 Extra Years of College

  It can be tempting to believe that after the FAFSA is filed, the credit-hours are allocated and the tuition payment is sent, that the financial aspect of the college experience is on hold until next semester. However, the classes your student selects, and of course how well they do in them, can have farther reaching ramifications than you might think. It’s common knowledge that more time in college means more money coming out of pocket; what’s less conspicuous, it…

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Get An MBA For 1/3 The Normal Price

Get an MBA for 1/3 the Normal Price

  It's not only undergrads that graduate with a mountain of debt. MBA students may have it even worse when it comes to steep prices for an education. That may all be about to change, thanks to the University of Illinois and MOOCs. One of the great advantages of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC’s) is that they release students from the traditional shackles of having to show up at a certain time and a certain place for class. Now, even MBA students can take advantage…

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Help Paying For College: 5 Great Options

Help Paying for College: 5 Great Options

My College Planning Team's Senior College Funding Consultant, Jim Slowik, presents five great options to consider for those who need help paying for college. Need Help Paying for College? My College Planning Team's Financial Team can assist you with identifying the best methods to use to fund your student's college education. Contact Jim Slowik for more information or click here to schedule a free consultation. My College Planning Team Serves the Following Chicagoland Areas: Arlington Heights · Aurora ⋅ Barrington ⋅ Bartlett ⋅ Batavia ⋅…

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College And The Hidden Cost Of Attendance

College and the Hidden Cost of Attendance

It’s no secret that paying for college is expensive. The high price tags of tuition and housing have become an expected part of higher education. The numerous hidden expenses that go into your cost of attendance that you and your child will need to be prepared for are far less well known. Paying for College Before You’ve Even Chosen Your School By the time you get the first bill from your child’s college, it is entirely possible that you will have already spent…

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Campus Visits On A Tight Budget

Campus Visits on a Tight Budget

The college process is rife with major decisions. Deciding which school your child will attend is easily one of the most important. Conceivably, you have your ideas on where they should go; they likely have their own, and you might even be fortunate enough that both are in line with each other. Either way, it is not a decision to be made lightly, or without as much information on your options as possible. This is what makes campus visits so important. The common deterrent…

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Smart College Planning: Finishing In 4 Years

Smart College Planning: Finishing in 4 Years

The term “4-year degree” has become something of a misnomer. While it is possible to finish college in 4 years (or less), the new average has actually become 6. How did this happen? Is it because college has become exorbitantly more difficult? Is it because students aren’t trying as hard? While there may be some validity to both of those possibilities, on a case by case basis, the much broader reason is far more practical – poor college planning. The longer your student is…

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Federal Student Loans Now Less Expensive

Federal Student Loans Now Less Expensive

Financing a college education can be a daunting prospect. As you do your research it’s easy to become inundated with all the fees, interest rates, and other price tags you’ll be expected to pay. With the cost of college ever rising, it can feel like an endless cavalcade of bad news. If you are familiar with this feeling, I may just have some much needed good news for you. Private vs Federal Student Loans Student loans, though oft maligned, are an integral aspect of…

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The Benefits Of Student Work In College

The Benefits of Student Work in College

One of the most productive things your student can do with all the new found free time that college affords is to find gainful employment. For some students it can be a great way to keep their lives structured, while making some extra money. For others, student work is a necessity to stay in school at all. Student Income and EFC If you have any experience with financial aid, then Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is a term you are well acquainted with. For the…

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