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Winning the Waiting Game – 5 action steps to take now

Tedious college applications, thoughtful essays, glowing recommendations, intense interviews, OH MY! The whole college process can bring about stress and anxiety for students and their families. Some try to speed up the process with early admissions, which has become all the more accessible AND competitive due to the expansion of test optional admissions. The frenzy of fall senior year is waning for those seniors who applied to early admissions deadlines but the waiting game between November 1st and January 1…

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freshman year checklist

Freshman Year Checklist

As your child enters high school, you may be wondering about their transition from middle school. Questions may be swirling in your head: Will they ease into their new schedule? Will they make friends?  But how much should your budding high schooler think about college in freshman year? Is it too early to start planning? In a word, no but this “no” comes with some additional nos. Should you pepper your freshman with deep questions about their plans after high…

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what happens if you fail an ap exam

What Happens If You Fail An AP Exam?

In the first 2 weeks of May, students around the U.S. brave the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) exam process, with over 35% of high school students nationwide taking the exams. If your child just finished taking their AP exams or is pondering taking AP classes in the next few years, you may be doing a risk-benefit analysis in your mind. Some students who consider AP courses feel worried about what would happen if they fail an AP exam, but…

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national college decision day

National College Decision Day: Ready Or Not, Here It Comes!

For many high school seniors and their families, the end of April feels like it’s near the end of a long (possibly sweaty) but rewarding hike. May is the summit of 4 long years with final exams, AP tests, and the all-important senior activities to enjoy the end of the journey. But what will the end of the journey bring?  What Is National College Decision Day? This Sunday, May 1st is known across the U.S. as College Decision Day 2022…

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How many scholarships should you apply for?

How Many Scholarships Should You Apply For?

This article is slated to be updated with the latest FAFSA, Scholarship, and Financial Information. For more updated information, please refer to our 2023 and 2024 articles. College finances are all over the news and it’s not a secret that many people are saddled with the burden of student loans. Scholarships, although desirable, seem to have their own secret mystery about them... How do you find them? How do you win them? How many should your child apply for? There’s…

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do you have to live on campus freshman year?

Do You Have To Live On Campus Freshman Year?

The idea of attending college often coincides with the allure of freedom: freedom from living at home freedom from curfews freedom from a strict 8-3 high school schedule But, just how many colleges allow incoming students the freedom to live off-campus? Do most colleges require students to be in the dorms freshman year? Surprisingly, less than 50% of residential campuses require freshmen to live on campus. Of course, there are some tangible benefits of living on campus, but this figure…

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3 Benefits Of Living On Campus

I vividly remember my move-in day for college. Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody” was blasting loudly throughout the halls. You could feel the excitement as kids tromped up and down the stairs with trunks, pillows, and shower shoes. Although the pandemic put a pause on the greatly hailed tradition of dorm life, we’ve slowly moved back to regaining that custom. However, as some students consider college options, they may feel some sort of way about colleges that require freshmen to…

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when is it too late to change your major

When Is It Too Late To Change Your Major?

Is your college student thinking about changing their major? If so, they aren’t alone! Between 70-80% of students change majors in the course of their college career. However, many students and their families wonder "When is it too late to change your major?". The answer to this depends on their unique situation, such as what year of school they're currently in, the specific major they chose, and more. If your college student is stuck between switching majors or staying put,…

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What To Do Once You’ve Received Your College Acceptance Letter

You’ve probably seen the viral videos: excited families all huddled around a computer waiting to open the decision from your student’s top college. By now, you’ve probably experienced it several times as well. There's nothing quite like the joy you feel when your child opens the crisp and overflowing envelopes in the mail heralding the acceptance to each university or the email with a burst of virtual confetti. The college acceptance process does not end here, however. In fact, there’s…

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Can You Appeal A College Rejection?

Can You Appeal A College Rejection?

Right in time for Valentine’s day, hearts are being won and broken by college acceptance and rejection letters. Students faced with an unwanted decision may have the question: can you appeal or reverse a college rejection? Experts say yes, you can, but with caution. Only 2% of appeals on average are successful and some colleges do not even allow appeals.  So what’s the process for an admissions decision appeal? First, take a cooling-off period for a few days to allow…

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