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What Happens If You Fail A Class In College?

Attending college is an exciting part of one's learning journey. The abundance of students, resources, and activities contribute to a friendly environment that makes it easy to find enjoyment. However, the allure of enjoyment can oftentimes result in poor academic performance. It isn't just parties or friendly gatherings that take time away from studying, but it can also be the innocent decision to get carried away in utilizing all of the resources. For aspiring creative writers, you won't be the…

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Meet Juno Student Loans (Formerly LeverEdge)

Finally, you've selected the right college to pursue your undergraduate or postgraduate degree! You worked tirelessly to get your application approved to secure a seat in your dream college and everything seems to be going perfectly. But now, another hurdle lays ahead of you - paying your own tuition and student loans. The student community often feels dejected because they have no say over the interest rates, which they will be paying for a considerable part of their lives. What…

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