Academic and College Search Services

Navigating the College Search, Selection, and Application Journey

At My College Planning Team, we provide comprehensive support for students at every stage of their educational journey—from incoming freshmen to high school seniors. Whether your child is exploring careers and college majors, embarking on the college search and application process, or considering options like transferring schools or taking a gap year, we’re here to guide you through the myriad of post-high school possibilities. Our team specializes in tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of each student. Whether your child is a high achiever seeking to maximize their potential or facing challenges in high school and looking for alternative paths, we offer personalized strategies to help them explore and select the right college or post-secondary option that aligns with their aspirations and goals.
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Navigating Your Educational Journey:
A Guide for Every Stage

Freshman Year: Laying the Groundwork for Success

The transition into high school marks a pivotal chapter in a student’s educational journey, setting the foundation for future career planning and college applications. At My College Planning Team, we’re committed to enhancing your child’s high school experience. Together, we’ll explore enrichment opportunities, strategically select academic courses, and engage in extracurricular activities to maximize their high school years.

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Creating Your Path to College

Designed for freshmen and sophomores, this service helps students plan their high school journey to align with future college and career goals. Counselors guide students in choosing courses and extracurriculars, identifying suitable college majors based on interests, and finding enrichment and volunteer opportunities. This plan includes three 30-minute sessions plus up to 90 minutes of counselor research and support tailored to each student’s needs.

College Major Exploration

This service assists students in identifying college majors and career fields that match their interests, values, and personality. It involves exploring potential careers, deciding on relevant high school courses, and interviewing professionals in the field. The outcome is a strategic plan for college and major selection, presented in a brief overview by the student. This approach ensures a personalized, informed path to college readiness.

For Sophomores: Expanding Your High School Horizons

Sophomore year stands as a crucial time for deeper exploration into career and college readiness. Having settled into the high school environment, it’s an ideal period to focus on future planning before the demands of coursework and test preparation intensify.

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Creating Your Path to College

Aimed at 9th and 10th graders, this program is designed to help students craft a strategic plan for their high school years, ensuring alignment with their future career and college objectives. Our counselors assist in identifying potential college majors that reflect the student’s interests, alongside opportunities for enrichment and volunteer activities that further career exploration. This service includes three 30-minute sessions and up to 90 minutes of counselor-led research and support.

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College Major Exploration

This service is tailored for students eager to pinpoint fields of study that resonate with their career ambitions, values, and personality traits. It offers an avenue to explore job possibilities within various career fields, refine choices based on in-depth research and professional insights, and formulate a presentation detailing a strategic approach to college selection and major determination.

Upon your reservation and payment, we’ll facilitate a matching process with a counselor dedicated to your student’s academic and career exploration.

Starting Your College List as a Sophomore

Begin the college exploration process in the 10th grade, extending into the 11th grade. This option is perfect for sophomores ready to delve into college research and start compiling a list of potential colleges. Split between sophomore and junior years, this service allows for initial exploration and subsequent refinement of college choices. It includes three 30-minute sessions and up to 90 minutes of additional research or support to tailor the experience to your student’s evolving needs.

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For Juniors and Rising Seniors: Preparing for Your Future Beyond High School

As juniors and rising seniors start to consider their post-high school plans, the vast landscape of over 3,000 colleges and universities in the U.S. can seem overwhelming. My College Planning Team is dedicated to simplifying this process, leveraging our deep expertise to curate a college list that perfectly aligns with your child’s academic aspirations, personal preferences, and financial situation. Whether your child is aiming for a four-year college, considering community college, or exploring gap year opportunities, our counselors are equipped to guide you through every possibility.

College Major Exploration

Unlock the fields of study that best match your career interests, values, and personality. This service involves deep exploration of potential career paths, informed decision-making on course selections, and the development of a plan to achieve your academic and career goals.

College Essay Assistance

Receive expert guidance on brainstorming, selecting prompts, and refining your college essays with our essay coaching service. From the initial draft to the final polish, we ensure your essays genuinely reflect your story and stand out in the application process.

Creating a Well-Balanced College List

Work alongside a counselor to understand the myriad factors involved in choosing the right college. This comprehensive service covers researching colleges that fit your values and interests and provides tailored suggestions to form your ideal college list.

Finding and Winning Private Scholarships

Maximize your scholarship potential with tailored strategies for searching and applying to private scholarships. Our counselors assist in organizing your search, identifying the best opportunities for your profile, and perfecting your scholarship applications.

Mapping the Admissions Process

Plan your high school experiences with our counselors to align with your personal aspirations, gaining insights into the college admission process and creating a custom timeline for application milestones.

For Seniors: Navigating College Applications with Success

Senior year is a critical time for students as they make decisions that will shape their future. My College Planning Team is dedicated to supporting your child through every step of the college application process, ensuring their applications stand out to admissions counselors and scholarship committees. Through personalized guidance, authentic essays, and a strategic approach, we help students showcase their unique stories and meet all deadlines.

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College Major Exploration

Discover Your Ideal Field of Study with Expert Guidance

This service is designed for students eager to find their best-fit fields of study based on career interests, values, and personality. Here’s how we help you:

  • Career Field Exploration: Investigate potential jobs within various career fields and narrow down the options to those that best suit you.
  • Course Selection Guidance: Determine the most relevant course options through thorough research and interviews with professionals in your chosen fields.
  • Decision Presentation: Once confident in your decision, create a brief presentation outlining how to best pursue your chosen path, including college choices, majors, and advanced training opportunities.

Creating a Well-Balanced College List

Find Your Best-Fit College with Expert Assistance

Our high school counselors offer dedicated support to help your student navigate the college selection process. Here’s what we provide:

  • Comprehensive Overview: Gain an understanding of the key factors to consider when choosing a college, including career goals, personal interests, academic record, and talents.
  • Research Skills: Learn how to effectively research colleges and identify those that align with your personal values and interests.
  • Tailored College Suggestions: Receive customized college recommendations that match your unique fit factors.
  • Application Optimization: Get expert feedback on your colleges of interest and advice on how to enhance your applications.

Ideal Start Time: Based on student readiness

College Major Exploration

Discover Your Ideal Field of Study with Expert Guidance

This service is designed for students eager to find their best-fit fields of study based on career interests, values, and personality. Here’s how we help you:

  • Career Field Exploration: Investigate potential jobs within various career fields and narrow down the options to those that best suit you.
  • Course Selection Guidance: Determine the most relevant course options through thorough research and interviews with professionals in your chosen fields.
  • Decision Presentation: Once confident in your decision, create a brief presentation outlining how to best pursue your chosen path, including college choices, majors, and advanced training opportunities.

Mapping the Admissions Process

Strategize Your High School Journey for College Success

Our counselors are here to help you plan and enhance your high school experiences with personalized guidance. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Goal Enhancement: Receive tailored advice to help you achieve your personal and academic goals.
  • College Admission Preparation: Gain valuable insights into preparing for the college admission process.
  • Customized Timeline: Get a personalized college timeline to keep you on track.

Included Services:

  • Three 30-minute counselor sessions.
  • Up to 90 minutes of counselor research or other indirect support services to meet your needs.

Ideal Start Time: 9th, 10th, and first semester 11th grade students eager to learn about the college admission process.

College Essay Assistance

Craft Compelling College Essays with Personalized Support Our experienced essay coaches offer comprehensive assistance to help you develop standout college essays. Here’s how we guide you through the process:
  • Brainstorming Sessions: Collaborate with your coach to brainstorm and select the most effective college essay prompts.
  • Detailed Feedback: Meet with your coach to review, edit, critique, and provide feedback on your essays after you’ve developed your first draft.
  • Ongoing Revisions: Receive a second round of feedback during the revision process to ensure your essay is polished to perfection.

Ideal Start Time: May, June, or July of your junior year in high school.

Scholarship Assistance

Unlock Scholarship Opportunities with Expert Guidance Scholarships are often hard to find and frequently go unclaimed. Our expert counselors are here to help you navigate this complex landscape with ease. Here’s how we support your scholarship journey:
  • Tailored Search Strategy: Get personalized advice on the best scholarship search strategies and focus areas.
  • Organizational Tools: Utilize our specially designed tools to streamline your scholarship search and application process.
  • Curated Scholarship List: Receive a customized list of 5 to 10 scholarships tailored to your academic achievements, extracurricular activities, school, region, and intended college major.
  • Application Assistance: Benefit from comprehensive reviews of 1 to 2 scholarship applications, including brainstorming essay topics and providing feedback on essays, resumes, and other application components.
  • Progress Tracking: Enjoy regular check-ins to monitor your application progress and outcomes, tailored to your individual timeline.

Ideal Start Time: December of your senior year in high school. Note: While we provide expert guidance, scholarship results depend on the student’s eligibility, the types of scholarships applied for, and the level of effort invested.

College Application Support

Navigate the College Admissions Process with Confidence Our dedicated college counselors provide personalized support to help you succeed in the college application journey. Here’s what we offer:

  • Customized Timeline: Receive a detailed timeline of the college application process during your senior year, complete with individualized starting points.
  • Essay Guidance: Get expert advice on selecting the best application essay prompts to effectively showcase your story.
  • Recommendation Letters: Learn how to request the most impactful letters of recommendation for your application.
  • Resume Creation: Receive assistance in creating a standout resume or brag sheet, essential for admission and scholarship applications.

Ideal Start Time: Summer prior to and fall of your senior year in high school.

Career Services: Charting the Path to Your Future

At My College Planning Team, we understand the importance of early career planning for long-term success. Our Career Services are meticulously designed to guide students through the often complex process of discovering and pursuing a fulfilling career path. Whether you’re feeling uncertain about your future direction or seeking a deeper understanding of your career potential, our programs offer structured support to help you clarify your goals and map out a strategic path forward.

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Focusing on Your Future: Basic Career Planning Program

Our Basic Career Planning Program is tailored for students exploring their initial steps toward a meaningful career. Utilizing premier assessment tools, students uncover their unique abilities, interests, values, and personality traits related to career choices. This program helps students:

  • Identify their inherent strengths and how these translate into career skills.
  • Develop a “Career Lens” for an objective look at potential career paths.
  • Discover and research “best fit” careers based on their personalized profile.


Secure your counseling session now. After your payment, we will reach out to schedule a session with one of our dedicated career counselors.

Focusing on Your Future: Comprehensive Career Planning Program

Building on the foundation of our Basic Program, the Comprehensive Career Planning Program offers an in-depth approach to career exploration and decision-making. It is ideal for students ready to delve further into identifying their optimal career path. Students will:

  • Use advanced assessment tools to refine their understanding of their career-related traits.
  • Explore a wide range of career opportunities through targeted resources and evaluation tools.
  • Narrow down their career options to one or two solid choices.
  • Validate their career decision and create a detailed career vision statement, outlining their desired impact, roles, and the steps to achieve their career goals.


Following your payment, we’ll connect you with a counselor who will guide you through every step of the process.

Specialized Student Support Services: Empowering Your College Journey

Tailored Support for Students with Disabilities

At My College Planning Team, we believe in equal opportunities for all students to achieve their dreams of higher education. Our Student Support Services Team is dedicated to providing individualized support for students with disabilities, ensuring they receive the guidance and assistance needed to successfully navigate the college application process.

Your Partner in College Success

Let My College Planning Team be your ally in navigating the path to college success. Together, we’ll make sure your journey is not just possible, but empowered and successful.

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