Financial Aid Appeals:
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Don’t Settle for Your First Financial Aid Offer

You might be surprised to learn that your initial financial aid offer isn’t necessarily the final one. Many families unknowingly accept the first amount proposed by colleges, unaware that most institutions expect and are prepared to negotiate. In fact, it’s common for colleges to allocate funds specifically for increasing financial aid packages.
In 2022, 80% of our clients at My College Planning Team successfully secured additional aid through our appeals process.

Securing more financial aid is less about luck and more about understanding the dynamics of supply, demand, and negotiation. While some elite colleges receive more applicants than they can accept, most institutions are actively seeking more students and are open to discussions about financial aid.

Remember, colleges won’t offer extra financial aid voluntarily—you need to ask. But how you ask is just as important as making the request.

If the college’s requested contribution exceeds what you can afford or what you believe is reasonable, it’s time to act.

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Over the past two years, more than 80% of our appeals have been successful, netting an average of $7,000 additional

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