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Welcome to My College Planning Team!

We are currently seeking currently-employed high school counselors from various regions across the United States to work on a part-time basis.  Job duties would include providing student services for clients, writing blogs, providing comments for articles in major media publications, speaking at webinars and live workshops, podcasting, booking workshops in your local area, connecting with other school counselors in your area to promote My College Planning Team, and more. Projects will be assigned to you based on your talent, training, interests and availability.

The primary requirement for those wanting to join our team is a commitment to higher education and a willingness to learn all of the financial aid strategies that middle-income parents and students can use to make college affordable at a best-fit college.

All of our team members work on a part-time basis from home and on a schedule that fits their needs.  Our team members are 1099 independent contractors with MCPT.  

School counselors seeking to join our student services team will be assigned clients to support. My College Planning Team’s student services team assists students and their families directly as they go through the college planning process. The MCPT counselor/student services specialist:

  • Counsels students and their families on academic, career, and post-secondary planning, adapting to their unique needs, circumstances, and stage in the process
  • Provides education to clients surrounding the college planning process
  • Conducts research based upon the client’s needs and interests
  • Connects the client with resources to assist them in the career and college planning process, both inside and outside of their high school
  • Is familiar with a wide variety of college planning resources, both those available to the general public and those available within school systems
  • Collaborates with the assigned Client Service Manager for each client to ensure college list recommendations are aligned
  • Seeks professional development and maintains membership in professional organizations to stay current with admissions trends

If you are interested in joining My College Planning Team, please email your resume!


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