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5 College Preparation Questions for Juniors

High school juniors:  Are you getting ready for your college search?  It’s time, and here are 5 college preparation questions to get you started:

  1. What should I major in?

Have you chosen a career? What major will you choose?  Of course, you’ll need to know the answers to these questions. It is exactly the right time to explore that, even if you think you know.  A comprehensive assessment of your interests AND your aptitudes will help you clarify careers that fit you in multiple ways.  Once you know about your clear fit, then doing some serious research in the Occupational Outlook Handbook for tons more information.

  1. Should I take the ACT or the SAT?

Even though your high school is likely offering only one of the two, you can choose to take the other one…or both!  You’ll want to investigate and possibly take a practice test to know which will is the right test for you. Check out the ACT or SAT question of the day  apps for on-your-own practice.  Most students will choose to take it more than once, so plan ahead for that.  You may even want to consider some SAT or SAT tutoring to improve your scores.

  1. When will I visit colleges?

    Don’t wait til summer to visit colleges. You’ll run out of time to see and learn all that you need and want to know.  Plus, college campuses in the summer are not the same as they are in the spring and fall.  You want the most realistic representation of your college options.

  2. When should I go to college fairs?

Colleges fairs are one of your first stops in college research, so sophomore and junior years are best for that.  Check with your high school guidance office for information and schedules on local college fairs.  Prepare ahead and choose 5 -7 colleges to talk to at the college fair.  It is a good way to begin to demonstrate your interest to colleges.

  1. What should I do this summer?

“Use your summers well” is the advice of many college admissions counselors.  You have many options, from money-making summer job, intense volunteer experience, an internship,  or a career-exploration camp. Summer may seem a lifetime away, but most of your summer arrangements are made in February or March at the latest.

For Further Guidance

The academic team of My College Planning Team (MCPT) can make your college search and selection process so much easier.  Contact  us for advice on any of these questions and for personalized guidance in your college preparation.

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