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Lindsay Muzzy brings a passion for working with students from diverse economic backgrounds on the college search and college admissions.  As an independent college admission coach, Lindsay has a hands-on experience working with students throughout the entirety of the college process.

She focuses on a combination of academic and financial strategy for the family to ensure affordability, fit and persistence to college graduation.  Having worked closely with both colleges and students, Lindsay understands and provides guidance on not only how to get into selective schools but works on the emotional adjustment of preparing to leave for college.

Under her leadership at Lindblom Math & Science Academy, Lindsay has assisted thousands of families on their individual college process becoming the #1 ranking Chicago Public school for scholarship dollars awarded and college persistence. Lindsay provides a tailored experience for each family taking into account financial and academic needs.

Lindsay completed her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Kansas in 2003, a Master’s degree in Community Counseling with Type 73 certification from Roosevelt University in 2008 and a Master’s degree in School Administration from Northeastern Illinois University in 2013.  She is a licensed school counselor, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) and serves as a part of the Master Counselor Advisory Committee for Chicago Public Schools. Lindsay will be expanding our free workshop services into the Chicago area focusing on the diverse student populations.

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