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New Tax Bill Brings Good News

New Tax Bill Brings Good News

Most of the news coming out on how the new tax bill affects families and colleges has been fragmented and tainted with political bias. This an attempt to provide a bottom line and more objective look at how the final bill will affect college families and colleges. EFFECT ON COLLEGE FAMILIES On balance, the lobbying efforts from colleges, universities, graduate students, and families has resulted in a tax bill that is mostly good news for most college families. Keeps the…

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Community College: Is It Right For You?

Community College: Is It Right for You?

Community college or four-year college? The idea of attending a four-year college sounds awesome, doesn’t it? You get to do your thing whenever you want. You are on your own. You are making your own way. But let’s face it, a four-year college is not for everyone. Community college often is the right choice for a student, whether it is a short-term choice, a path to an associates or two-year degree, or part of a more affordable financial plan. Why…

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Analyze Your Award Letter Before You Accept It!

Analyze Your Award Letter Before You Accept It!

Some colleges and universities are already sending out financial aid award letters for 2018/2019. That’s great news! After all, you’ve worked hard, and it’s time you reap the rewards of that hard work. But before you sign and return that award letter, it’s essential to look at it with a critical eye.   As we wrote in a previous blog, analyzing your award letters can be a complicated process, but it’s well worth your time. Is your offer clear and easy to…

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Freshman Year For Free!

Freshman Year for Free!

The name itself sounds appealing to anyone looking to cut the cost of college—the “Freshman Year for Free” program. Launched in August 2017 by Modern States Educational Alliance, the program provides more than 40 free online courses taught by top professors from top schools. Once students complete a course, they take an AP or CLEP exam giving them the opportunity to earn traditional academic credits at more than 2,900 major colleges and universities. We asked Steve Klinsky, founder and CEO of Modern States…

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Getting College Credit For Prior Learning

Getting College Credit for Prior Learning

Having college credits before you even finish your first semester on campus is a great way to save money. Alverno College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is helping students do just that with its Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) program. Since the program’s launch in January 2016, about 100 students have earned a combined total of more than 350 credits through CPL. Administrators expect the program to expand in the coming semesters. We asked Alverno’s Rosland Briggs-Gammon, assessment coordinator and coach,  Assessment…

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Freshman Year Of College For Free?

Freshman Year of College for Free?

College for Free? As any family can attest, it takes a lot of time, effort, and attention to detail in order to successfully navigate the college admissions and student loan applications processes. So it’s easy to overlook valuable programs and resources that can really help families meet their overall college costs by actually making freshman year of college free! Learn and Earn While most  families know about Advanced Placement or AP courses and exams, there’s another often forgotten avenue to…

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A Gap Year Can Save You A Boatload

A Gap Year Can Save You A Boatload

As the number of kids who graduate high school and go on to college increases, the number of kids who choose to complete a gap year increases, too. Gap years have been common overseas for years. Their popularity, which has been relatively low here in the U.S. is changing, and quickly. The most recent high-profile student taking a gap year was President Barack Obama’s daughter Malia. She’s beginning her freshman year at Harvard University after spending a year interning. What…

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Don’t Count On Public Universities To Fill Need-Based Aid!

Don’t Count on Public Universities to Fill Need-Based Aid!

Once upon a time, a student in need of financial aid who applied to colleges and universities could be reasonably confident that a need-based aid package would be offered. He or she would receive an amount that would bridge the gap between tuition fees and family finances. Not any longer, unfortunately. These days, students can no longer count on having their documented financial needs met by public colleges and universities. It’s Not Just One State Before anyone thinks that this…

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Differential Tuition: What You Need To Know

Differential Tuition: What You Need to Know

Just When You Thought You Knew What You Are Going to Pay for College, Here’s A New Revenue Enhancer That a Growing Number of Colleges Are Using That Can Be Devastating to Your Budget Most students and their families are familiar with the idea that not all students at a school pay the same tuition. There’s been in-state and out-of-state tuition offered by public colleges and universities for years. There are also tuition discounts available to students based on the…

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How Will The Education Budget Affect College Families?

How Will the Education Budget Affect College Families?

From the screaming headlines over the past few days, it would seem that the president’s new budget on higher education will be devastating to American families who are already struggling to pay for college. So, it’s time to be objective and look at the facts.  The president’s budget, if implemented, is really not going to have that much impact on MCPT families. Here’s a brief overview: Pell Grant Funding Though the talk about reducing the Pell Grant surplus has been…

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