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3 Questions to Answer Before You Choose Your College

Your college acceptances and awards are finally finding their way to your inbox.  How will you finally choose your college?  Even though you may have a favorite, we advise you ask yourself several tough questions before you make your choice. Is This College Where I Felt the Greatest Connection to Faculty? So why the big […]

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College Accepted! Now Compare Your Choices

Congratulations! You’ve gotten your first (few) college acceptance letters. There are likely more to come. You should feel great about your college accepts. (And, frankly, you should get over any rejections that you may have received—really! There are happy lessons to be learned from your rejections, truly! Watch for my blog on that topic).  Right […]

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Why Are College Award Letters So Complicated?

By now, you should have received your financial aid award letter. The May 1st deadline is rapidly approaching and the window to make your final decision is steadily closing. You would imagine award letters would be designed to be easy to understand, allowing you to choose the best course of action to suit your situation. However, the reality […]

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5 Reasons Why Juniors Should Begin Their College Search NOW

Somebody recently told me that they thought talking to high school juniors this early about their college search was just a scare tactic.  Halloween’s over! The “scare” will be if you put off beginning your college search much past this Thanksgiving.  Why the rush?  Here are just 5 good reasons: 1. Junior Year Grades Are Most […]

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Looking For Your College in Europe

Three years ago, when I decided to build a business devoted to helping families reduce college costs, I quickly discovered the savings available to students who were willing to go abroad to get their degrees.  My interest piqued as I learned more about the subject. I even identified a couple of academic consultants who specialized […]

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