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Why Are College Award Letters So Complicated?

Why Are College Award Letters So Complicated?

By now, you should have received your financial aid award letter. The May 1st deadline is rapidly approaching and the window to make your final decision is steadily closing. You would imagine award letters would be designed to be easy to understand, allowing you to choose the best course of action to suit your situation. However, the reality is that they are often much more complicated than they need to be. What should be a simple matter of addition and subtraction can be bewildering, due…

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Outside Scholarships: Should You Include Them In Your Plan To Pay For College?

Outside Scholarships: Should You Include Them In Your Plan to Pay For College?

Paying for college requires a comprehensive plan. After you review all of the financial strategies available to reduce your out-of-pocket costs, it’s important to prepare a comprehensive college budget plan to make sure sufficient funds will be available to educate all of your students in a comfortable manner without incurring too much debt or depleting your retirement funds. The problem with making outside scholarships part of your plan. One of the most problematic sources of college funding are outside scholarships. Though we continue to believe that…

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Appealing For A Better Award Package

Appealing For a Better Award Package

Right now you are anxiously waiting for those college award letters to arrive and trying to figure out how you are going to pay for everything. Assuming you will be getting award letters from several schools, you do have one final card to play—negotiating a better offer. Every year more parents are calling colleges across the country to negotiate an increase in financial aid. Many of them are receiving thousands of additional dollars in financial aid. To get more money from your favorite college, however,…

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Meet Jim Slowik

Jim Slowik is MCPT’s Senior College Funding Consultant, helping middle and upper-middle income families leave no stone unturned to reduce college costs. Jim has worked for over 30 years in marketing and management with 20 of those years in financially related industries. As a parent of his own college bound children, Jim has an understanding of a family’s challenges and frustrations in navigating the college preparation process. Jim has lived in Downers Grove for 18 years with his wife and…

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