“A great overview. A presentation every parent needs to attend.”

Kevin K.
Plainfield, Illinois

“Very eye-opening. Also very thought provoking. Makes me realize how unprepared our family is for this process. I knew that, but did not know how much help and resources are available. I will be signing up.”

William K.
Plainfield, Illinois

“What I liked about the presentation the most was how easy things were explained. I have little to no experience with these areas and am walking away with confidence there are options to be looked into to help our child with their college planning.”

Jim F.
Joliet, Illinois

“MCPT has been very supportive and helpful by understanding our comfort level as well as explaining the process to us. The overall service of the college planning and financial teams has been very helpful.”

Nadine H.
Aurora, Illinois

“My wife and I began working with Bob (Proctor) and Jack (Schacht) in preparation of sending our oldest of 4 children of to college. We have put a plan into place and review it at important intervals. These folks are down to earth and true professionals and experts. The fact that both my wife and I are comfortable in working with this team speaks for itself. In addition, they are more than willing to speak to our children in regards to planning for college and the impact of debt.”

Joe and Tracy B.
Wheaton, Illinois

“I had every question either answered by Jack (Schacht) or someone on his financial team. They gave me a lot of useful information that I never thought I would need to know about the college process. They are a very informed and up to date team and we hope to continue our relationship with them. I felt like they were always looking out for me and our family and never pushed any products that I didn’t feel were advantageous to our circumstances. They were all very personable and relatable which made our relationship easy.”

Betty D.
Bartlett, Illinois

“The team gave specific and valuable insight and direct answers.”

Susie D.
Lombard, Illinois

“The MCPT team is very clear with terminology. There were lots of great tips.”

Christine D.
Downers Grove, Illinois

“So much great information! Everyone in high school, even 8th grade, should attend a workshop. I appreciate this opportunity that we were given for free.”

Marisol M.
Bolingbrook, Illinois

“The presenters were very easy to listen to and quite informative. “

Thomas C.
Romeoville, Illinois

“Lots of information. Very detailed presentation.”

Aliya Tirmizi.
Bolingbrook, Illinois

“The workshop is very informative. I realized all that I don’t know!”

Carol J.
Westmont, Illinois

“MCPT hosts a great workshop for parents who are new to the college experience.”

Tina Z.

“Jack, your services were outstanding!  You helped us with the finances and helped us in every aspect of getting Lexi into college.  Your services and attention to detail helped us considerably.  We could not have done this without your guidance.  Please use me as a reference anytime.  I cannot thank you enough for your help.”

Lisa L.

“Our MCPT Admission Coach, Stephanie, has been very helpful in the decision process for the universities we were considering. We knew that the process of choosing a college or university for our daughter would be challenging.  Stephanie provided us insight into schools we really hadn’t given a second thought to. Stephanie helped us really hone in on what our daughter would find as the best fit for her. We look forward to using her again with our son in another year.”

Bill F.
Bartlett, Illinois

“My daughter is a junior this year and has already started the college search process. My husband and I were both overwhelmed as we realized all the effort that goes into college planning. Assessing career options, searching for the “right” college, application assistance, deadlines, testing, essay and resume assistance, etc., we decided to hire My College Planning Team in order to maximize our daughter’s college success. I was very impressed with what they have to offer. We were able to pick from a variety of services, where exactly we wanted assistance. We feel that our daughter communicates well with Cindy and that her questions and concerns are addressed immediately. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who is going through the process, particularly for the first time.”

Kim O.
Glen Ellyn, Illinois

“I was fortunate enough to come across Jack and My College Planning Team at a critical point in my son’s college planning. I can’t tell you how valuable this organization has been for us. I am a single parent and only attended minimal community college.  I wanted better things for my son and college was the right path; however, I didn’t know how to navigate those waters.  I needed help. Jack and the MCPT team took time to listen to our concerns and provided invaluable guidance and information to help us understand the college process.  They went over how to pick the right college, basic tests to help my son understand strengths and weaknesses, basics to understanding how financial aid worked and how to work with the college to maximize financial aid.  Knowing that Jack’s team was behind me gave me the confidence needed to pursue a better future for my son.  Oh, did I mention they also helped with the FAFSA process!  I can’t tell you how much I appreciated that! My son is now a sophomore in college.  He chose a good school and is well on the path to pursuing his goals for his future.  Even now, Jack provides guidance with financial aid and scholarship information.  I truly feel grateful for MCPT’s participation in my son’s college career.  Without their guidance, I firmly believe this story would have had a much different outcome.”

Liz Jones

“I have put two other children through college, so I’m not new to the process, and I wasn’t sure I would need their services, but after a no-cost introductory meeting–I was sold. They offered a choice of services that we could tailor to our needs and the price fit our budget. Stephanie really worked well with my daughter!”

Mike K.
Glen Ellyn, Illinois

“Thanks for coming to Clarendon Hills Park District to share your valuable knowledge and enthusiasm on planning for college. The information you provided was extremely valuable as I look to financially prepare to send my two children to college, while minimizing our financial exposure.

I found your presentation informative and also very enjoyable. I cannot tell you how refreshing it was to have an individual with your experience, success and knowledge assisting middle-income families with the tools and techniques to make college a reality—an affordable reality.

I am not sure how to express my gratitude for what you have created with your team of experts to help families such as ours. I will schedule a meeting in early October to start the planning process!”

K. Kindt,
Clarendon Hills, Illinois

“I really appreciated the help and advice I received on what my son and I should do with the financial set backs in paying for school.  Jack sought out help from even his colleagues to be sure he gave us the most helpful advice. We are happy from what we achieved and can sit a little more in peace.”

       Margaret Zaremba


“Stephanie, thank you for meeting with Marissa yesterday to help us choose between her college offers.  She told us this evening that she has chosen SLU, and she’s truly excited!  She said the questions you asked her during your session really helped her!”

Rosa G.
Downers Grove, Illinois

“I am really glad I attended the workshop. The information presented was truly eye-opening and informative.”

Angie W.
Lombard, Illinois

“My ignorance on Financial Aid and the college process is why I attended. The presentation was great and inspired me to become better versed in this area.”

Shawn W., Dist. 44
Lombard, Illinois

“I am so glad I was invited to the seminar. It was extremely helpful and was a great use of my time. It exceeded my expectations.”

Kirsten G., Mom of 4
Villa Park, Illinois

“The My College Planning Team workshop not only provided my wife and me with invaluable information on positioning our assets and procuring maximum financial aid, but also opened our eyes to the importance of finding the right fit for our daughter. The material was presented in a way that was both informative and pertinent to every parent looking to educate themselves on the process.”

Dan R.
Naperville, Illinois

“I found the workshop very impressive, informative and with all the information presented, mind-boggling.”

Patti G., HR Executive
Lombard, Illinois

“It was a great presentation which made it easy to understand the college funding process. I gave five stars to all aspects of the workshop on my evaluation form.”

Kevin K.
Aurora, Illinois

“I really appreciate the thought provoking information provided at your seminar. It was well organized, full of practical examples, and was quite helpful to me.”

Liz J.
Naperville, Illinois


“Your workshop was clear and exceeded my expectations.”

Ross M.
Bolingbrook, Illinois

“Even though my kids are younger I decided to attend the MCPT seminar with the thought that it’s never too early to start planning for my kid’s college education. I am so glad I went! I told a friend of mine, ‘I didn’t know how much I didn’t know.’ I was impressed with their scope of knowledge and their truly creative options for families like mine.”

Ian N.
Aurora, Illinois

“With the guidance from MCPT, I feel I will not only have the best money-saving advice available, but caring and wise advisors who are attuned to my children’s needs. I cannot recommend the workshop enough.”

Jenny T.
Batavia, Illinois


“After a few years of concerned prayer about our finances and how we, as a ministry couple, would be able to afford college for our children, we were informed about a seminar that Jack Schacht was hosting with My College Planning Team.  While attending, we were immediately impressed with his heart to help families learn how to afford a college education for their children. Jack and his team are very godly, trustworthy people who really strive to serve those who come to them for help. Their expertise of financial planning and the business practices of colleges is incredibly deep and relevant.  We highly recommend Jack and his team to any family considering assistance with college planning.  You will not regret enlisting this team to aid you in providing a college education to your children.  We remain tremendously grateful for Mr. Schacht and his team!”
Rev. Samuel and Mrs. Shante’ K.
“As people who did not get higher education in this country, we needed help and guidance to understand the complexity of the college planning, especially the financial aspect. We read few books and articles before we met My College Planning Team, and already had some idea of the dynamics of the process. Jack Schacht and his team helped us to see things in perspective and relative to our own financial situation. They guided us through the details and specifics of the financial planning, and the different strategies that could be implemented to complete the planning with the best possible results. Because of the expert help we received, we are more informed, confident, and will make better decisions along the way of college education.”
Ivanov Family
“We want to express our appreciation for all the help you’ve provided since we started our oldest son’s college planning. After our initial meeting, we received a binder with charts outlining our estimated college expenses, financial aid and grants we would have each year our two children were in college. Jack is always quick to respond to emails and provide us information. He gave us cost and financial aid estimates for specific universities so that we could make informed judgments about which schools we could afford. In addition, Jack has a team of experts that we were able to utilize. We were given excellent advice from a student services professional, as well as a certified public accountant for a small business matter. The customer service is great all around!”
Kim S.
Naperville, Illinois

“After attending the “How to Pay for College without Going Broke” seminar at a local community college, it became apparent that the college  application and financing process had changed significantly since my husband and I attended college. We met with Jack to discuss how he and his team could help us better prepare and plan for our children to attend the universities of their choice. We found his program and approach to be very proactive and insightful and became a client. The information Jack and his team has provided thus far have been very helpful. These include insights into the selection and admission process of individual colleges, an explanation of the different methods to determine our family’s expected financial contribution and suggestions as to how we can leverage financial offers from different institutions to increase the offer at our first choice university. We have also found that having a Certified Financial Planner as part of Jack’s team is also a significant advantage. While Jack has focused on helping us prepare to assist our children, Bob has focused on keeping the “bigger” picture in mind. He has helped us plan for our children’s futures while still planning for a fruitful and enjoyable retirement for ourselves. We truly appreciate that the team is looking at the whole picture of our family. The information they have shared has taken an overwhelming process and broken it down into manageable pieces. We highly recommend Jack and his team for any family that is going through the college application process.”

Nadine and Patrick H.
Aurora, Illinois
“Our experience thus far has been great.  We have been impressed with the amount of  help the My College Planning Academic Team has given us.  Everyone is extremely helpful and knowledgeable in their field.   We will continue to use My College Planning Team for all of our children.” 
Ann M.
Lisle, Illinois